Rally del Salento, let’s run.  Five for the win

Rally del Salento, let’s run. Five for the win

The 55th public meeting of Salentois scheduled at Lecce today and tomorrow, it has been alive. This morning 53 crews passed the preliminary round of entry into the race at the Karting Pista Salentina international circuit, in the Marina of Torre San Giovanni, and in the late afternoon they competed in the first scheduled engagement.

The races organized by the Automobile Club of Lecce are organized on the roads of the Heel of Italy and are valid for the Italian Rally Championship Tarmac with the highest coefficient. 56 crews entered – 48 for the modern meeting, 8 for the historical one – yesterday they carried out inspection sections inside the standard cars, looked at the route and completed the final important details for a better interpretation of the special measures.

Today, from 9 and until 12.30, at the International Circuit of Karting Pista Salentina in Torre San Giovanni-Marina di Ugento, headquarters of the event, sports and technical inspection. From 10 to 14, the race cars hit during the Shakedown, the window to start the cars.

At 17.45, from Piazza Mazzini in Lecce, the departure ceremony of the 5th Historic Rally of Salento took place, which preceded the departure of the 55th Race of Salento by 45 minutes. The long-awaited 2.64 Kilometer Super Special Stage It was held in the hall of Pista Salentina from 7.35 in the afternoon, which started at 8.20 in the afternoon for the modern meeting.

Tomorrow’s program

Tomorrow a modern meeting that will precede the historic meeting with the first six special stages, leaving from the reorganization at 8.00. There will be three special stages, Santa Cesarea of ​​10.55 km, which will be repeated twice at 10:17 and 14:42, while there will be three sections on Torre Paduli of 11.30 km, at 9:23, 13:48 and 18:13 and Specchia of 13.06 km at 11:11, 15:36 and 18:38 for a scheduled distance of 96.82 km out of a total of 493.04 km of route. At 20:00 in Piazza Mazzini, in Lecce, the arrival and awarding of the Historic Rally that will precede for an hour the big celebration planned for the arrival ceremony of the 55th Rally del Salento.


The course operators and race officials will manage the safety of the race in cooperation with the police. The organization recommends a sense of responsibility and discretion of the spectators throughout the race. It’s hard to hazard a guess given that the roster offers at least 5 crews ready to compete for the overall win. The role of the favorites is the same as those who currently occupy the top three positions in the provisional classification of the Asphalt Italian Rally Championship, to: Stefano Albertini with Danilo Fappani, Simone Campedelli and Tania Canton and Luca Rossetti sharing the cockpit with Eleonora Mori. , the first two crews, initially in the Skoda Fabia Evo, the third in the Hyundai i20 N, all Rally2 class cars. But the circle cannot fail to include two drivers at the beginning with the World Rally Cars who will start the journey in the series, intending to attack the Italian flag, starting from Salento, Corrado Fontana and Nicola Arena in the Hyundai Ng i20 and Luca. Pederoli with Corrado Bonato in a Citroen Ds3. All names are used to taking the highest steps of the podium and who have already won victory in Lecce as well as the tricolor crown.

In addition to the top five drivers, there are also many who can aspire to a place of absolute fame including Giuseppe Testa in the race with Gino Abatecola and Giuseppe Bergantino and Andrea Colapietro in the Skoda Fabia and Corrado Pinzano and Mauro Turati in the Citroen C3. Attention also to the performance of other drivers at the start in Rally2 cars including Stefano Liburdi on Hyundai i20 N, Paolo Menegatti, Paolo Nodari and Rudy Andriolo on Skoda Fabia. So there is enough to promise a show on nine special stages. Under the sun meteorologists are announcing and it’s good news for everyone.

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