Record auction for a wooden Citroen 2CV |  FormulaPassion – World of Auto

Record auction for a wooden Citroen 2CV | FormulaPassion – World of Auto

It is forbidden to knock into it, because a team of expert carpenters would be needed to fix it. It’s hard to imagine a car that looks like the original – same dimensions, same proportions – but it is made entirely of wood. But in the world of crazy cars this also happens, and especially with the Citroen 2CV which at the 35th Rouillac Garden Party auction in Château d’Artigny, near Tours, France, was sold for the astronomical amount (for a 2CV) of 210,000 euros. .

Different types of wood

Inspired by the 1955 model of the same name, its body was carved from various fruit trees, including cherry, pear and apple trees. The one who made it, a craftsman named Michel Robillard, started working on it in 2011 for a total of 5-000 hours. Although the top and soft upholstery are made of fabric, the removable seats are covered with wooden slats, as are the dashboard, steering wheel and other interior items.

And under the hood…

The shape is similar to the 2CV, but the car is actually powered by a 602 cc air-cooled cylinder engine derived from the 3CV, while The chassis is a 1969 Dyane. Although it does not have road approval, the car will even manage reach a maximum speed of 80 per hour.

The next project of Robillard

After deciding to part with his 2CV, for Robillard the wooden car remains fixed nail (sorry for the words). As the indomitable Geppetto announced that he would soon start work on building another Citroen, this time one. DS 21 Convertible Chapronwhich he hopes to finish by 2025 to celebrate his 70th birthday of DS.

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