Red Bull F1 Pit with Verstappen?  “Mercedes and Ferrari are on it”

Red Bull F1 Pit with Verstappen? “Mercedes and Ferrari are on it”

Lars Leeftink

Damon Hill sees Red Bull and Max Verstappen dominating in 2022, but he also knows the danger the Dutchman must not run into with his team during the next six races.

Verstappen has won eleven of the sixteen races that have been held so far. The Dutchman has 116 points in the championship over Charles Leclerc and could be world champion next week in Singapore if all goes well. Red Bull itself is already close to the title, because the lead over Ferrari is 139 points. They are two gaps that will not normally be made by Ferrari and Leclerc during the next six races. Still, Verstappen and Red Bull are being warned about the series in Asia, America and the Middle East that are approaching.


Inside of F1 Nation podcast Hill, a former F1 driver, says Red Bull should not give competitors the chance or opportunity to strike. The foot must remain on the accelerator, also for Red Bull when it comes to car development. “If you stop for even one second in Formula 1, you are absorbed by this sport. Then you sink into the quicksand. Speed ​​and pressure are normal for everyone, even if they win. [Red Bull] Now stop making this car, I think Ferrari and Mercedes will be in it by the time they get to Abu Dhabi.”


If what Hill describes is true, it could mean that the 2023 gap between Red Bull and Mercedes and Ferrari will suddenly become very small. This, along with the new takeover rules, could see three teams competing for the title next year. This was something that was the goal of the new regulations this year, but that has not come true. Ferrari and Mercedes have suffered more from gluttony than Red Bull, which should help them improve thanks to next year’s new technical manual.

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