Roberto Carlos has a collection of cars ranging from a classic Cadillac to an Audi R8 convertible |  Curiosity

Roberto Carlos has a collection of cars ranging from a classic Cadillac to an Audi R8 convertible | Curiosity

Passionate about cars, singer Roberto Carlos is often seen driving his cars in the neighborhood of Urca, in Rio de Janeiro, where he lives. And, despite turning 81 this Tuesday (19), the King must not have been handed another car – as he will need to expand his garage for it.

The Brazilian music star’s car collection is wide and varied. He owns relics, but he also likes millionaire games. This should not be news to their fans, as many of their past songs talk about that topic.

Roberto Carlos’ last acquisition appears to be a Chrysler Imperial 1965 Convertible. A photo of the singer with a car was published on his official Instagram account at the end of last year. Click was made in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA). With a green body and blue interior, this rarity is equipped with a 6.8 V8 engine with 345 hp.

Among the favorites of the King is also how much Red Eldorado 1959. It was precisely with this car that Roberto Carlos increased his success and made no one forget the song “how much child”.

Among the great American convertibles, Roberto Carlos already had a 1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass, a. Chevrolet 1964 Impala Sedan and others how muchLimousine of 1962. Another converted singer, but this time Brazilian, is Willys Interlagos.

the british Jaguar The E-Type, a gift from the CBS label, was also part of the star’s garage. It is even said that it was this car that inspired the song “120 … 150 … 200 Km per Hour”.

Jaguar E-Type 1968 was once part of the King’s collection – Image: Disclosure

The king is also a lover of sports cars, especially the ones that come out Audi. The singer has already been seen driving a car RS 5 Blue coupe when he went to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and he also got infected when he ran out of gas in his car. R8 Spyder V10 red 2010, worth more than R $ 560 thousand. In addition to these two millionaire cars, the list of Roberto Carlos also has Lamborghini Gallardo S 2012, which costs more than R$ 1.2 million.

Roberto Carlos was the first Brazilian to buy an Audi R8 – Photo: Autoesporte

To round out the list, Rei also has a hand-made jalopy in 2011. The creation, which produces in part Chevrolet 1933 Coupé and has a 2.4 engine, it was a gift from Nestlé to the singer. The brand made 50 copies of the car, which were destroyed in development. It really is a collection of envy…

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