Sainz sees Ferrari growing: “We’re maturing”

Sainz sees Ferrari growing: “We’re maturing”

The Ferrari team has had a mixed season. The Italian racing sport has created a very fast car, but the gap to Red Bull Racing is still very big. Drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc lost many points due to problems with their team. Sainz, however, sees his employer growing.

Ferrari won the race needed by Leclerc in the opening round of the season. After that, however, problems arose. The Italian sprinter had to deal with significant reliability problems, which caused the gap with Red Bull to grow. Once those problems were a thing of the past, a lot went wrong with the technique.


However, Sainz is positive about the team he has been driving since last season. He sees that Ferrari has made great strides and is full of praise for the Race fans: “It’s a good response from our team, we’re maturing. It’s a team that’s learning a lot from a difficult year and the team has made a big step compared to last year. We got back into the fight for win.”


Sainz, however, also sees that Ferrari is leaving an important seam. The Spaniard also thinks that these are some kind of learning moments for the future: “We are still making mistakes, we are still learning. It is a young team and I think we see that with our cooperation. Progress is being made, even if it is. a difficult second half of the season. I think we will gain a lot of knowledge from this for the last few races and for next year.”