sales in Poland in 2021 What brands do we buy the most?

sales in Poland in 2021 What brands do we buy the most?

Mercedes summarized last year’s sales of its models on the Polish market. According to the data provided, the German manufacturer closed last year with 20,025 registrations of new passenger cars. The results obtained are the same as in 2020, when Poles bought 20,210 passenger cars under the sign of the three-pointed star. Mercedes probably could have sold more cars, but international problems and the availability of electronic components stood in the way.

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Of all the passenger models available in the Mercedes range, in 2021 Poles were most likely to buy a high-end SUV. GL. The volume of 3,181 units sold represents almost a 16% share in all Mercedes vehicle sales.

The second most popular SUV was the mid-size SUV Mercedes GLCsales that reached 3,037 copies (15.2% share).

The top three are closed and redone Class E and the number of 2,256 units sold with a share of 11.8%. The A-Class and the CLA model followed. As a result, SUVs accounted for 50 percent of all Mercedes cars sold in Poland in 2021

Mercedes sales – more and more hybrids

Last year, Mercedes saw strong sales growth for electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV). The total of 2,192 electric vehicles included 1,683 PHEV hybrids and 509 electric-only vehicles. Therefore, BEV and PHEV versions reached 13 percent. Market share. In this class of cars, the most popular models were Mercedes EQC (225 pcs.) No EQA (197 pcs).

Mercedes-AMG – more than 2,000 cars sold

Mercedes announced that 2021 was a record year for the Mercedes-AMG sub-brand. For the first time, annual sales of sports cars exceeded 2,000. pieces. As a result, every ninth new Mercedes registered last year in Poland had the AMG name.

It was also in the top ten of the most popular models with a three-pointed star on the hood Class S. According to the German manufacturer, Poland is the eighth largest Mercedes-Benz limousine market in the world and the second in Europe.