Seat, Cupra, mobile homes: Schneider Group opens 16th place

Seat, Cupra, mobile homes: Schneider Group opens 16th place

Schneider will open its 16th place in Chemnitz on Saturday. After taking over the company premises in Müllerstraße in October 2021, the commercial company will sell Seat and Cupra brands as well as car houses there in the future. The latest CI edition was implemented at 1,400 square meters.

“The position at the Hilbersdorfer Strasse headquarters was exhausted. With new assets, our customers, but also our teams, have completely new opportunities,” CEO Marko Schneider said, according to a company announcement. Although the mobile home and used car dealerships have been in use since October 2021, the state-of-the-art Seti and Cupra exhibition room was designed for simultaneous operation over a period of six months. Schneider: “It was a wonderful team effort, which encouraged me for a long time and I would like to thank everyone involved from the bottom of my heart.”

The 30-man team is now looking forward to the opening so that they can finally leave. Not only staff, but also 700 square meters of Seat and Cupra lighting area are ready for “the best customer conversation ever,” insisted the car dealer boss.

Aside from the designs of Set and Cupra, the Schneider Group also offers a new e-scooter Mó. In addition, the new location is a place of communication for major VW customer system agreements for the two brands, and the outdoor area provides space for a large area of ​​used car.

Aside from selling Spanish brands, the Schneider Group at Hilbersdorfer Strasse will also cater for caravan enthusiasts in the future. With 700 square meters covered, customers can now relax and check out rental cars and buy a dry place – this is a completely new phenomenon in the region, they say. In addition to the exhibition hall, there is a large hardware store, and an enhanced service team takes care of car rental customers after sales.

The opening ceremony on Saturday

Schneider Group launches its 16th location this Saturday (May 14) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for a color and contrast program. In addition to the various culinary options, the retailer has planned test offers, music entertainment and tattoo artists for its guests. Registration available: it is possible. In addition to the children’s driving course, climbing tower and other activities, younger guests are also cared for.

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