Sebastian Vettel: “There are things I miss” / Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel: “There are things I miss” / Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel is one of the drivers frequently mentioned in relation to Lewis Hamilton’s successor. This is what the four-time champion says about his possible return to Formula 1.

Will Sebastian Vettel return to Formula 1 as Lewis Hamilton’s successor? This question concerns many fans and writers. The four-time world champion visited the first class at Suzuka last year to work on biodiversity conservation as part of a biodiversity project.

He did not hide the fact that he misses Formula 1 – at least when it comes to competition. Nothing has changed, as Heppenheimer emphasized in an interview with “Sky”. Asked if he was on the market for a driver, he explained: “Maybe yes, because I don’t have a cockpit for 2025. But the question is whether I’m looking for him.”

“I think it depends on the package. I didn’t retire back, but I also said that you never know. That’s still the case. There are things I miss, especially the races. But I don’t miss some things, and that hasn’t changed either. Life is completely different when you’re not in Formula 1, and I still enjoy trying a lot of different things,” added the 36-year-old, who also said in the same breath: “But you never know where. You keep going. Your life leads you, maybe it will lead me behind the wheel again.”

The 53-time GP winner confirmed that he had talks with Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. However, it was not exactly about the successor of Lewis Hamilton, who moves to Ferrari after the 2024 season. “We talked, but not about the cockpit, but about the whole situation. But I also talk to others because I keep in touch, also because I often talk about ideas and projects with System 1 and I want to know if they can be realized.

“But Mercedes’ position is definitely one of the best in Formula 1, because when it comes to performance, this team has always been good – although they had a difficult time recently, they were in no man’s land, but third and second in the constructors’ championship ยป, Vettel explained.