see confirmed attractions and work schedule

see confirmed attractions and work schedule

This week, the residents of Maringá received the eagerly awaited news: the definition of the area of ​​Parque das Águas, ‘prainha de Maringá’. Recently, GMC Online explained how the project was progressing and recalled how this story began – Click here look.

In a press conference, Mayor Ulisses Maia (PSD), is not pronounced stating that the construction site has already been defined and that, by the end of the current administration, part of the work should have already been completed – See the schedule provided by City Hall below.

In this way, Maringá should have an artificial freshwater beach, partially built, by the end of 2024.

“[…] we got the territory, now we got the takeover [do local onde o parque das águas será construído] and we have already entered into a contract for the design of buildings, implementation projects for the area, and our prediction is that by the end of the year we will already bid for the first job”, said Maia.

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The expectation is that the implementation works of ‘Parque das Águas’ can begin at the end of this year. In 2022, the municipality made a feasibility study on local resources for the implementation of the recreation area and technical and legal analysis on the selected lots. After the final definition of the site, the municipality published decree nº 1191/2022 for the public use of the selected land.

This month, the municipality begins the acquisition project, the implementation of part of the land works, the estimate of the work and the Executive Project, called the Masterplan, which includes architectural and additional projects, as well as other measures. Soon after, between May and August, the expectation is to obtain design and implementation permits, environmental license, budget allocation and tenders for work.


The entertainment area will be located in a space of more than 193,000 m² on Estrada Iquara, at the exit of Astorga. This place is 15 km from Maringa Cathedral, about 25 minutes by car.

How much?

According to Mayor Ulisses Maia, the Municipality of Maringá will carry out the construction of the water park with its own resources, without the need to use money from other departments. The work should cost around R$ 50 million to the municipal treasury. Maringa’s budget in 2023 is $2.6 billion.

“[…] It is important to say here that we have the ability to survive on resources, without the need to use resources from other areas, which we also understand is a priority. The city hall provides health, education, sports, culture, but also entertainment and entertainment for the population”, emphasized the chief executive of Maringa, emphasized the mayor.

Third party services

After construction, the maintenance of the Maringá water park will be carried out by external companies, in the areas of conservation, cleaning and security. “Once it is ready, the maintenance, protection, care to keep the place in a usable state, will be outsourced, because the design of the city hall does not get the garden in a usable state, because of the other services that the city hall has. We can commercially explore some areas within the beach and what we will always ensure is that the number of people will not be charged for the entrance”, said Ulisses.

And the door? Will it be charged?

The mayor of Maringá also assured that the park will be open to the public and there will be no entrance fee to the site.

Sports courts

Check the schedule of the beach implementation



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