Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV – was worth the wait, despite the long delay

Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV – was worth the wait, despite the long delay

Events behind our eastern border had a significant impact on the performance of many organizations, including Skoda, which produced electrical harnesses for … electric vehicles in Ukrainian plants. While the Russian aggression continued, the management of the company decided to transfer production to the Czech Republic, where not only the machines, but also a large part of the workers were transported.

This move allowed Enyaq iV to continue production, but resources were not enough for the new version of the battery electrician’s device. Therefore, it was decided to delay the market launch of Enyaq Coupe until the supply chain is restored to its original state. Finally, the Czech equipment was able to do it in the summer months, so the second PREMIERE was scheduled for the end of October, the beginning of November.

The latest model of the electric Skoda belongs to the latest group of stylish SUVs, as well as the increasingly popular group of sports SUVs with a coupe body. Interestingly, headroom for rear seat passengers is the same as that of the Enyaqu, despite the steeply sloping roofline behind the C-pillar. So is the boot capacity, which is just 15 liters smaller than in – let’s call it classic – Enyaqu.

With the Enyaq Coupe, the RS version begins, which is the equivalent of a game in Skoda and completes the range of convertible models such as the Octavia RS and the Kodiaq RS. With the exclusive Mamba Green color and 21-inch wheels, the Czech coupe SUV looks even more impressive.

The debut of the Enyaq Coupe is a great opportunity to implement a new program for the entire Skoda battery electric family. Buyers of the latest model will receive them as standard, Enyaq users with an SUV body will get a free upgrade.

The ME3 software package is optimized for vehicle range and charging time. The special mode of “battery service” will ensure a long life and a stable range, and the charging power increased to 135 kW (for a battery with a capacity of 80 kWh) will shorten the time of stopping under fast DC chargers. Along with the new software, Enyaq users will also receive a slightly changed graphic design of the on-board information systems, as well as an expanded package of Skoda Connect mobile services.

In terms of operating systems and batteries, the Enyaq Coupe’s offering overlaps with the base Enyaq, while the new model is boosted by the sporty RS version.

The base Enyaq Coupe iV 60 has a 179 HP rear-wheel drive engine and a battery capable of carrying 62 kWh of electricity. The second version in the line also has a rear-wheel drive, but a larger battery (82 kWh) increased the engine power to 204 HP.

The best version to date, marked 80x, had two engines, driving the wheels on both axles, with a total power of 265 HP and a large battery. Enyaqi in these measurements accelerates to 100 km / h in 7 seconds, quite efficiently.

At the top of the range are the Enyaq Coupe iV RS models, whose engine produces 300 horse power. The four-wheel drive allows efficient transfer to the ground, and the sprint to a hundred takes 6.5 seconds. Especially for this version, the electronic muzzle is set at 180 km / h at maximum speed (remaining 160 km / h).

For more details, I refer you to the March article of my colleague Michał Domański (on the left), who explored the secrets of Skoda’s latest electric model on sunny Italian roads.

Despite our sincere intentions, during the second round of test drives, we have not yet learned the prices of the first model. The specification of equipment standards for individual markets is currently underway, but Skoda representatives shared some observations about the dynamics of electric mobility.

First of all: the Enyaq Coupe iV is highly anticipated, especially in the British Isles. The leadership of the island branch is pushing hard to start sales quickly, announcing orders at the level of … all production planned for this year. Due to initial logistics problems, the supply this year may be limited. It should be even better next year.

Second: only versions with a bigger battery will be released on the Polish market. Enyaq’s sales so far clearly show that in search of satisfactory ranges, customers choose bigger batteries to pull, as well as well-equipped units.

Third: the new model will be more expensive compared to the regular Enyaq. Like? I don’t know, but after analyzing the equipment, you can guess about PLN 10,000.

The high price is due, among other things, to the good standard equipment, which includes, among other things, a glass roof in every available variant. With this in mind, the price change – unfortunately upwards – seems reasonable.

Using a glass ball, I bet that the Enyaq Coupe iV 80 will cost less than PLN 250,000 in basic specifications. How much less? About a thousand.

As part of the automotive revolution, the range of battery electricians is expanding every month, and drivers – for the sake of the environment – are ready to switch to zero-emission cars. However, this positive trend may be interrupted by the rise in electricity prices. According to the announcements of other operators, the cost of one kW at public stations will reach PLN 4 next year, which puts a big question mark in the economic field of running battery electricity. Will home payments be affordable? If so, not much.