Skoda Kodiaq (2024) review: this scares the Volkswagen Tiguan

Skoda Kodiaq (2024) review: this scares the Volkswagen Tiguan

We love the new Skoda Kodiaq (2024) so ​​much that we honestly wonder if the Volkswagen owner isn’t starting to worry a little about the quality improvements the Czech car brand has made since its inception.

What is interesting about the Skoda Kodiaq (2024)?

It is very rare that you see a new car that is smaller than the previous one. Skoda Kodiaq could get away with that, because the first generation, which has been sold 866,000 times worldwide and is therefore a huge success, offers more space than the average person needs.

Yet the new Kodiaq has become bigger and more spacious. The body work increased by more than 6 centimeters and the body work became higher in the back, which provides more sleeping rooms in the back seat. This makes the Kodiaq look less like an SUV than before; it is more elongated and goes more in the MPV direction. It’s really weird, because that part is now pretty much dead.

The amount of interior space is very large. You have a very large seat in the second row, with plenty of room for your legs, knees and head. The space between your knees and the seat in front of you is so wide that there is still room for lap dog. Or a bag, if you prefer.

The luggage space is also impressive. This equates to no less than 910 liters behind the second row of seats. If you lower the back of the rear seat (something that can be done from the luggage compartment), you can take 2105 liters of luggage. That’s really a lot.

The great thing about all this is that the Kodiaq doesn’t look big or bulky. He looks more modest than, for example, Let EV9, which we get a little above. So kudos to Skoda designers. The Kodiaq is also available as a 7-seater, just like the outgoing model, but there’s no room for the larger battery of the plug-in hybrid version.

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What’s so great about the Skoda Kodiaq?

Anyone looking for a spacious car, no matter where they are, has come to the right place Skoda a beautiful place. The Kodiaq is also an example that does not reject the core values ​​of the Czech brand of the Volkswagen Group. You know what you’re getting: lots of space, smart materials and finishes, and that at a good price (see point 4).

While many other car brands strive for an interior that is as futuristic as possible, Skoda sticks to a traditional dashboard design. But with digital instruments and a large central display of 13 inches.

All attributes to the three large scroll and click buttons at the bottom of this screen. By pressing it you can choose from many functions, for example seat heating, driving modes and interior temperature. A small display on the button shows which function is active. These so-called Smart Dials work for example. They are clear and never miss a thing. Follow the Skoda driver which was once the brand’s advertising slogan, but now we would like to say to other car brands: follow Skoda.

You will also find real buttons on the steering wheel. For example, you can disable the EU-approved warning signal for exceeding the speed limit in two steps. You can keep your eyes on the road and you don’t have to look away from the main screen, as is the case with many other brands.

What can be improved on Skoda Kodiaq?

The fact that the automatic transmission selector lever is now on the steering column takes some getting used to. Skoda did this to create space in the center console, where you can charge two smartphones wirelessly. Do not make the mistake of moving the lever up and down, because then nothing will happen. You should twist the end. No matter how we beat this into our minds, we still had the urge to push the lever.

We also find the fact that the cruise control also has a lever on the left side of the steering column, below the turn signal, not very user-friendly. Nothing wrong directly, but on the circuits we often had to use the wrong lever. We prefer to operate the cruise control with buttons on the steering wheel.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t have high expectations for the 1.5-litre petrol engine. It produces 150 hp and that’s just on. It seems a little tame, although it must be said that we drove in a mountainous area. This will affect you a bit on flat Dutch roads, especially if you are driving calmly. The DSG automatic transmission does its job well, but it’s not as sharp as a Rottweiler. Think more of a Labrador, good-natured and blind.

What is the price of Skoda Kodiaq?

Skoda is asking 44,990 euros for the First Edition. Then you have 5 seats with average hybrid technology and 150 hp. That is a very good price, because the new Volkswagen Tiguan with the same drivetrain costs at least 51,990 euros. But then you have a convertible chassis. Kodiaq, on the other hand, is bigger, more spacious.

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The plug-in hybrid version of the Skoda Kodiaq will be on the market after the summer. We can have that patience. With its combined power of 204 hp, the Kodiaq PHEV drives more smoothly. In addition, you have an electric range of more than 100 km and you can close the charge (50 kW), something that shows itself in this segment.

The price of the hybrid version of the plug-in is not yet known, but expect an additional cost of 2000 euros.

What do I think about the Skoda Kodiaq?

Cars like the Skoda Kodiaq make my job more difficult. Just try to find something negative. The Kodiaq is incredibly spacious, well built and looks great in my opinion. But because the design is more in the MPV direction, I think the swinging style looks cooler. The fact that I prefer the new Kodiaq is because of those Smart Dials

I would wait for the hybrid version of the plugin, because it will be more powerful but not more expensive. The hybrid power is on. In addition, you can drive 100 kilometers on electricity and charge quickly. I don’t mind that the PHEV is only available as a 5 seater. I’m all about that big trunk.

After my first introduction to the Skoda Kodiaq, I honestly wonder if Volkswagen is still happy that they imported the Skoda years ago. Ultimately, the income ends up in one box, but why buy another Tiguan when you can go to Skoda for less money?