Solaris 40 Open (12m) is a haven for big sailing enthusiasts

Solaris 40 Open (12m) is a haven for big sailing enthusiasts

Solaris Power 40 Open

You can search for what you want, but a boat like this on the market is almost unique. The Solaris Power 40 Open, from the outside, is immediately visible for a very original design, which draws inspiration from the timeless lines of the lobster. This boat has a length of 12 meters in general and aims to offer, in a very competitive market segment, some special features on board such as excellent sea handling, layout and distinctive routes.

Solaris Power 40 Open

In terms of layout, from stern, we start with a large platform, the main advantage of which, along with the ease of access to water, is that it is on the walking surface of the rest of the cockpit. The strong sundeckunder which there are three cabinets, in the front it turns into a sofa and serves as a seat next to the table, which is opposed by another on the other side.

So this is the area where you can dedicate yourself to lunch and aperitifs, or just talk comfortably sitting under the large T-Top that can cover the largest area on board.

Solaris Power 40 Open

The beauty of this cover is the single central vertical design that offers a nearly 360° view from the dashboard. In short, when you are on board you will not have obstacles around you and, especially those who drive the boat, will enjoy a beautiful view. FOR about the wheeleverything depends on ease of operation and intuitiveness on the board with a combination of physical keys, chartplotter and joystick.

Solaris Power 40 Open – Seating

There are also three sessions to make navigation a social time. At the bow, the second sundeck and the deckhouse generally end with a downward curve, giving an impetus to the already sinuous line that uses the same effect as the astern and shield.

Solaris Power 40 Open – Below Deck

Under the deck you can choose between one or two cabins, and the owner is always ahead in both solutions. The volume of the interior was at the center of the design effort and also led to the creation of a separate bathroom and shower cubicle.

This forty feet therefore, it wants to be comfortable, not only for days on the water, but also for long trips that may also include one or more days of staying overnight on board. So, there was special attention to volumes on boardnot only in lobby spaces, for example, but also in the engine room which is designed to be large and easy on the one hand and able to produce low noise and vibrations on the other hand.

Solaris Power 40 Unlock – How it gets around

Let’s focus now on the exhibition. Brunello Acampora’s signature is itself the perfect calling card for this i-touching instrument 42 knots speed maximum. But beyond speed there is more. This direct opening was designed to provide stability in navigation and in anchoring, even without controls, for the benefit of silence and energy efficiency on board. Another feature that sailors will like is the dry deck plan during navigation and smoothness when passing over waves.

Solaris Power 40 Open

It must also be said that, unlike the usual planning cabins, those of Solaris Power (and not only 40 Open) are designed to handle even transfer steps from 10 to 14 knots without moving. Speaking of the engine, the thrust is primarily entrusted to two 280 horsepower Volvo Penta V6 engines that reach a top speed of 31 knots and a cruising speed of 21 knots. For those looking for more excitement in terms of performance, diesel engines are available, again from Volvo, ending with a 440 horsepower D6 with which the Solaris Power 40 reaches a top speed of 41 knots.

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Boat technical data sheet: Solaris Power 40 Open

Length ft LOA 11.97 m
Beam width 3.85 m
Draft Draft 0.73 m
empty transfer Dry transfer 8,231kg ​​/ 9,040kg
move to full displacement 9,324kg / 10,130kg
Serbian. Water tank 250 l
Serbian. fuel Fuel tank 1,000 liters
Engine Engine
2 x Volvo Penta V6 280 – Petrol

2 x Volvo Penta D4 300
2 x Volvo Penta D6 380
2 x Volvo Penta D6 440

The Power of Power Petrol:
2×280hp 5800rpm

2×300hp 3500rpm
2×435hp 3500rpm
2×480hp 3800rpm

Max speed (knots) Top speed (kt) 31-41 kn
Fast croc. (knots) Cruis. speed (kt) 21-27 kn
Booths 1+1
Beds sleep 2+2
Bathroom toilet 1
Project Project

Brunello Acampora / Victory Design – Solaris Power Design Team

Part of the ship The power of Solaris