System 1 |  Vasseur: Ferrari did better behind Red Bull

System 1 | Vasseur: Ferrari did better behind Red Bull

Frédéric Vasseur, Ferrari team principal, was completely satisfied with the Scuderia’s performance at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Things could have been better after qualifying yesterday but the Reds managed to get back behind Red Bull in the race, finishing 3rd and 4th thanks to Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

Race pace was 2nd best on the day and a definite improvement compared to 2023 at this circuit. But Red Bull was “doesn’t need it anymore” according to Vasseur.

“It was a very good Sunday for the team, Red Bull was still untouched in front of us but closer than last year. It is confirmation of what we have been seeing since the beginning of the year.”

“We had a good recovery after a tough qualifying session. We had a good Sunday with good strategy and good tire management. Good race pace. If we want to have a good weekend, we need to improve on Saturday.”

What has changed in the strategy department to make Ferrari more successful in its races from now on?

“It depends partly on strategy, and partly on tire management. When you have speed, it’s easier to control the situation.”

“It comes with confidence. It’s calmer on the pit wall and that’s the best way to make a decision. Everything is going in the same direction and it’s a fluid environment.”

“The situation is that you have to put everything in place and when you start going in the right direction, everyone is pushing, everyone is relaxed, everyone is more confident. It’s the opposite when you have a negative spiral.”

“We made good progress with the car during the winter and even at the end of last year. Everyone is more confident in the team and is calm. We work well together.”

As for his drivers, Vasseur is also very happy.

“Carlos and Charles did very well, they knew from the start that there would be a different strategy. It was better for each of them due to their starting position and they did not shy away for a minute at the end of the race. They increased their potential.” day and therefore points for the team.”