Tesla accelerator pedal remains stuck at 133 kilometers per hour |  Instagram

Tesla accelerator pedal remains stuck at 133 kilometers per hour | Instagram

Driver of a Tesla 3 model In southern California, he said he experienced the shock of his life when his car’s computer crashed while driving 88 miles, or 133 miles per hour. As a result, the ‘accelerator’ got stuck.

Electric cars use electricity, so it is true about the power pedal. There was probably a technical error, according to Tesla owner Javier Rodriguez. He said ABC7 presenter in Los Angeles how his car came to a complete stop. According to the owner, the buttons and switches of the car had no response, including turning signals and emergency lights.

‘I dared not break the brakes’

The most annoying thing for Rodriguez, however, is that the accelerator also got stuck. “At first I just realized that it was starting to get warm inside the car and that there was a strange smell,” Rodriguez told the news station. “When I realized that the acceleration pedestrian was also stuck, I did not dare to break the brakes because I was afraid someone would hit my back.” Rodriguez recorded the situation and eventually stopped his car, after which it was completely stranded. When the car was restarted, the error appeared to have been resolved.

No details

Rodriguez took his car to Tesla, where the controversial diagnosis read: “Poor communication with the charging port cover, which caused the power switch to be turned off to protect the board components during the trip.” According to Tesla, they had repaired the car, but that is not enough for the Tesla driver: ,, I drive on the highway and this happens at speeds of more than 130 kilometers per hour. I have a right to the real information, “he said. Tesla could not be reached for comment.

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