Tesla accuses critics in China

Tesla accuses critics in China

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When Elon Musk during the Twitter hijacking period as a representative of freedom of expression, his company appears Tesla does not grant this right to everyone. Then according to a Global Times report the car manufacturer is suing its critic Xiang Ligang grown from China. Reason: The CEO of CCTime communications company had publicly commented on a minor dispute between Tesla and another client.

In April 2021, the Chinese had Zhang Yazhou marched against Tesla at a car show in Shanghai. He got in one car – he was wearing a T-shirt that read “brakes do not work” (“brakes do not work”). Next to it was a red Tesla logo.

Tesla called it “arrogance”.

According to Zhang, failure of the Model 3 brakes would cause an accident. Tesla had posted on Weibo that the woman’s protest was simply to demand greater compensation after she was involved in a speeding collision. The company is not prepared to comply with such an “inappropriate request”. Zhang also showed no manners when talking to Tesla.

Xiang intervened in the dispute between Tesla and Zhang, expressing outrage at Tesla’s “pride” in the Global Times. However, there is no case in which Xiang insulted Tesla, the report says.

A car maker sees things differently. The trial is set to begin on May 24 in the Beijing Internet Court.

Elon Musk calls journalists ‘persuaders’

The car manufacturer has filed a lawsuit against two customers and an influencer from China. The latter had publicly expressed his concern about the quality and safety of electric vehicles. Elon Musk himself has already expressed his anger at several journalists and even described a journalist from the Associated Press news agency as “influential”. This was reported on Tesla’s record.

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