Tesla’s new competitor may build a large factory in the Netherlands

Tesla’s new competitor may build a large factory in the Netherlands

When it comes to electric driving, Tesla still rules. But for how long? The competition is getting tougher. More and more major brands are switching to fully electric and there are also exciting newcomers. Rivian is also in the latter category, and they may open a factory in the Netherlands.

American Rivian is increasingly being called a possible killer of Tesla. The company was founded in 2009 and currently manufactures pickup trucks and SUVs. They have focused mostly on the domestic market, but now it is time for international expansion. Towards Europe to be precise.

A Tesla competitor could come to the Netherlands

Rivian is currently busy looking at possibilities. According to previous rumors, Tesla’s competitor would be looking at a location near Bristol, in England. Now it is according to Business Inside it turns out that Rivian has the most countries on the list. SkyNews sources have said that the Netherlands and Germany are also strong options, but Rivian is still waiting for an offer.

Tesla’s future competitor is reportedly ready to invest 1 billion euros in this factory. The money is already ready, because last month Rivian received an important injection of capital. An investment round led by Amazon raised $2.5 billion.

Rivian has big plans

Rivian’s potential Dutch plant will be used mainly for car assembly. The assembly of the battery will take place elsewhere. It is not yet clear which cars will be grouped together. In any case, the expectation is that the entire series will come like this. This currently includes the Rivian R1T (pickup), R1S (SUV) and an as-yet-unnamed electric car (which Amazon already has). 100,000 ordered has).

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All these cars are currently produced in Rivian’s exclusive factory. This is located in the city of Normal (Illinois, America). This is progressing well and should result in the first cars of this Tesla competitor hitting the roads sometime in 2022. At least in America and possibly in Europe as well.

Tesla killer in the decisions?

So Rivian will soon compete with Tesla Model X and Tesla Cybertruck, but possibly also with other models. RJ Scaringe, Rivian’s CEO and founder, previously hinted at a sub-model and the company has also already registered potential model names. In addition, the company also wants to take another big step by appearing in public. So there is no shortage of ambition.

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