test car in Ora Funky Cat

test car in Ora Funky Cat

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The Chinese car company Great Wall Motor is trying to gain popularity in Europe with the Ora Funky Cat. The small electric city car should score for its modern design and smart technology. © Great Wall Motor/dpa-mag

Cats are all the rage on the internet. But the animals did not lose anything on the road. Unless they come on four wheels – like the Ora Funky Cat now. What can a foreigner from China do?

Berlin – Ora? The car brand should be quite familiar to most people in Germany. Because until now, the fun subsidiary of Great Wall Motor has only sold its models in China, where the group is located.

But Chinese cars are now also coming to us through the Emil Frey Group, which has so far brought brands such as Subaru and Mitsubishi to the country. The first is the Funky Cat minivan, which will be available at dealerships in January with a starting price of 38,990 euros.

A modern city car with round headlights

Why the Chinese called their guest “cat” is difficult to understand, at least from a Western perspective. But the car is definitely “funky” in the funky sense. Because with the round headlights of the VW Beetle and the shape of the rear of the Mini, the four-door definitely stands out in the street scene. Its fashionable colors are also attractive.

Its design makes it a typical electric car for the city. At 4.24 meters long, the Funky Cat easily navigates heavy traffic and finds parking space everywhere. The car stands on a platform called a skateboard, which will also carry the next generation of Mini thanks to the partnership with BMW. Because the entire technology is lost on the floor of the car, there is enough space in the back seat even for adults. At 228 liters, the trunk is quite tight, even for a small car.

Cat Ora Funky
The Ora Funky Cat has its own taillights, but it has the same rear shape as the Mini. © Great Wall Motor/dpa-mag

No Chinese business

Anyone who thinks cheap when it comes to Chinese cars will be taught otherwise by Ora. Because with a starting price of just 39,000 euros, the Funky Cat costs more than small electric cars like the Opel Mokka-E or the DS3. However, there is also an elegant theme that is far from the hardware store charm of many cheap “made in China” products: No matter where you look or reach in the cockpit, the Ora makes a high-quality impression every time. .

In addition, the Chinese are not stingy when it comes to equipment. Electronically, everything standard is on board, from remote control to smart navigation, and the Ora even has massage seats. Only the screens around the steering wheel are small in comparison.

However, Ora scores using voice control, which is also better than established brands. Not only that this system is very intelligent and the owner can give it his own name. In addition to navigation, climate and radio, it even controls the trunk lid. And because electronics are constantly learning new things, they fulfill more of the driver’s wishes for every kilometer.

Just average under the sheet metal

With environmental influence and discretion as assistants, the car performs only moderately. The front engine with 126 kW / 171 hp is still the same, especially since the 250 Nm ensures brisk acceleration (from 8.2 seconds). A top speed of 160 km/h is also unusual for electric city cars. A battery capacity of 45 kWh for a range of 310 km in the entry-level version and 59 kWh for 400 km in the top model is also accepted here.

But Ora is disappointing when it comes to the socket recently. With a maximum charging capacity of 67 kW, the Funky Cat has its feet flat. Because despite the small battery, it takes almost an hour until the battery is full again to 80 percent. After all, the infotainment reduces the waiting time for a joke if it wants to.

Conclusion: a lifestyle made in China

Because of the cheap and arbitrary. With Funky Cats, the Chinese prove that they can also live life. The modern city traffic car will inspire young drivers especially with its modern audio control. Buyers have to decide for themselves if the smart technology can compensate for the long charging breaks and not so low price.

Data sheet: Ora Funky Cat

engine and drive Electric drive with an electric motor
Maximum power: 126 kW/171 hp
Maximum Torque: 250 Nm
Run: all wheels
Transmission: input gear
mass and weight
Height: 4235 mm
Wide: 18250 mm
Height: 1603 mm
Wheel base: 2650 mm
lose weight: 1615 kg
payload: 355kg
stem volume: 228-858 liters
Driving data:
Top speed: 160 km/h
Acceleration 0-100km/h: Sec 8.2
Average usage: 16.7kWh/100km
Frequency: 310 km
Battery capacity (net): 45.4kWh
CO2 Emissions: 0 g/km
Fuel: electricity
production class: Nope
efficiency class: A+++
Base price: 38,990 euros
types of classes: Nope
Car tax: 0 euros / year
Commonly needed equipment:
Security: Six airbags, ESP, lane keeping and distance control, cruise control
Comfort: Automatic climate control, digital instruments, heated seats, audio control

All information according to manufacturer dpa