That Dirty Black Bag is a dark western series that never existed

That Dirty Black Bag is a dark western series that never existed

That Dirty Black Baglaunching January 25 on Paramount+it’s a series that will really appeal to lovers of western countries, a genre that also returns to Italy, where in the form of episodes it was almost never frequent and now, instead, finds its place thanks to the two upcoming titles. , this is Djangoon Sky from 17 February.

In the country of That Dirty Black Bag blows very bad air

Red Bill (Douglas Booth) is a bounty hunter who, after finding criminals, shoots them dead just like you’d expect, except he then decapitates them and puts their heads in a bleeding bag. “Because the head weighs less than the body” is the explanation he gives to all those who ask him the reason for the macabre ritual.

Arthur McCoy (Dominic Cooper,) on the other hand, is the sheriff of the town, a small town that is even more dusty than the western imagination because it hasn’t rained in years and a glass of water costs more than a glass of water. whisky. As if that wasn’t enough, even the gold vein that had once attracted so many people to seek fortune seems to have run out.

And, then, there is Hawa (Nil Sultan), who is more than fair lady of the village danguro.

More can’t be spoiled either because, for example, Bronson, the character played by Guido Caprino, the only Italian main character, enters the third part.

That Dirty Black Bag it’s a “weird” series.

Not just for the originality of the plot, that mixes spaghetti western and horror, complete with the appearance of a madman (and cannibal) who froze his victims before eating them. But also because it is about Italian seriesdirected and designed, among others, by Mauro Aragoni, with a completely foreign cast. that arrives in Italy only after the streaming release in the United States.