The cheapest electric car you can buy in Poland.  That’s what it can do

The cheapest electric car you can buy in Poland. That’s what it can do

To buy cheap electric car, you don’t have to empty your wallet to the last penny. It turns out that the Dacia Spring Electric, because this is the model we are talking about, offers a lot of comfort and attractive solutions at an affordable price.

The cheapest electric car in 2024. Presentation of the Dacia Spring model

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First of all, let’s start with this Dacia Spring Electric this is a very popular model that we had the opportunity to test in 2022. Even then, one of the most important features of this car was its price. Currently, you can buy a Romanian car brand directly from the showroom for… approximately PLN 90,000.

However, even a very low price will not cover the limitations of the model being discussed today. In our tests, we mentioned the biggest disadvantages of the electric Dacia Spring in one breath interior quality, driving comfort and ergonomics.

Dacia Spring is a good choice for getting around the urban jungle. The car looks good from the outside, it is very agile and agile enough not to bother you on the street up to 50 km / h. Unfortunately, while the desire to make an affordable electric car “for the people” is a very good vision, Dacia has crossed the line between kitsch and terrible work. As a result, a car costing PLN 91,500 looks like PLN 25,000 …

An excerpt from our Dacia Spring review

What can a cheap electric car do?

Dacia Spring with its right side for the lens, and the rear housing
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The Dacia Spring Electric is a small hatchback that was meant to usher in a new era of accessibility in the electric car segment. The Romanian car is characterized by: simple but functional designwhich highlights its practical use.

The vehicle’s dimensions make it ideal for navigating busy city streets, while still providing ample space for passengers and cargo. Characteristic features include neat proportions and ergonomic body lines.

Despite its affordable price, the Dacia Spring Electric offers great performance and amazing range. The electric motor provides smooth driving and powerful acceleration, which makes it suitable for daily city driving and long routes. The range of this model is about 230-250 km on a single charge, which is enough distance for most users.

Dacia Spring Electric – technical data

  • Electric motor:
    • Power: about 33 kW (45 HP)
    • Torque: 125 Nm
  • Battery:
    • Battery capacity: 26.8 kWh
    • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Reception:
    • Single charge range: approximately 230-250 km (according to the WLTP cycle)
  • Landing:
    • Standard AC charger: up to 7.4 kW (depending on version)
    • DC fast charging: up to 30 kW
  • Acceleration:
    • 0-100km/h: about 15 seconds
  • Top speed:
    • Top speed: about 125 km / h
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: about 3.73 meters
    • Width: about 1.62 meters
    • Height: about 1.51 meters
    • Wheel base: about 2.42 meters
  • Trunk Capacity:
    • Trunk capacity: approximately 300 liters
  • Block weight:
    • Curb weight: approximately 950-970 kg (depending on version)
  • Landing:
    • Standard charging cable: Included

Dacia Spring Electric can be the best choice for people who value affordable prices, environmental friendliness and economy of operation, and at the same time. they do not pay attention to the quality of materials and its interior. Importantly, thanks to its advantages, this compact hatchback can contribute to the popularity of electric cars on the market, and do. electricity will be more available for everyone.

Dacia Spring 2024 on the way

A red SUV was parked in front of a modern building with yellow and white walls.
Photo Dacia / media kit

It is very possible that the example described above Soon it will be cheaper. All this is because of the premiere of the new electric Dacia Spring. The updated electric car differs from its predecessor mainly in appearance, because engineers have equipped it with this set of batteries. The power of the new electric car was set at the equivalent of 45 or 65 horses (depending on the version).

According to current reports, Dacia Spring 2024 model orders will be available this spring, and The first units will start reaching customers in the summer. Unfortunately, we did not know the exact price of the car, but, as with the electric car from two years ago, it will certainly be competitive.

However, no matter what happens, combustion-powered cars still rule in Poland. So, if you are looking for new four wheels, I refer you now to our list of the best cars up to PLN 20,000.

Source: Own research. Opening photo: Michał Borowski /

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