The electric car as a vacuum cleaner: Audi technology is intended to clean the air

The electric car as a vacuum cleaner: Audi technology is intended to clean the air

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Of: Sebastian Oppenheimer

Electric vehicles also cause emissions – in the form of particulate matter. Ingolstadt Audi now wants to combat this with a filter system.

The biggest advantage of electric cars from an environmental point of view: There is no exhaust from which dangerous exhaust gases come out. And if the required electricity comes from renewable energy, electric cars in operation, therefore, relatively clean matter. However, like their combustion engine counterparts, they also cause fine dust – through braking and tire wear. Ingolstadt car manufacturer Audi has now presented technology with supplier Mann + Hummel, which aims to combat fine dust in the air.

The electric car as a vacuum cleaner: Audi’s new air cleaning technology

The two companies presented a filter system called “Urban Purifier” (rough translation: “city purifier”) at an environmental trade fair in London. The filter is placed behind the radiator grill and captures fine dust particles contained in the air stream. However, the filter system can also be fully absorbed in the ambient air – that would be, for example during the loading process it is possible. According to Audi, the way the filter works is similar to the stationary systems that have been used in some cities for several years.

New filter technology in Audi cars may in the future “suck” fine dust from the air. © Audi

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Electric car as a smooth dust extractor: Audi’s first tests are successful

The filter technology is currently being tested in test cars – according to the car manufacturer so far with success. After 50,000 kilometers in the Audi e-tron, there was no negative effect on the operation of the electric car – even on hot summer days or during quick charging. According to the manufacturer, the cleaning performance is so high that the particles caused by the test car can be completely filtered from the air. Just recently, students at TU Eindhoven also presented a type of vacuum cleaning technology – However, their electric car “eats” CO₂.

According to Audi, the filter is easy to service. It must be replaced at the earliest when the normal maintenance period is reached. Audi now wants to create a display so passengers know when the system is working and how many particles are being filtered.