The Ferrari SP51 has 800 hp and you can’t buy it

The Ferrari SP51 has 800 hp and you can’t buy it

Designed by the Ferrari Style Center headed by Flavio Manzoni, the SP51 is a front-mounted V12 convertible based on the 812 GTS platform, which inherits its configuration, chassis and engine. At first glance, the most striking feature of the new amazing car is its complete absence of a roof, making it a true roadster in every respect, underscoring its sporty character and its ability to appeal visually and emotionally.

Ferrari SP51

As in the model used as inspiration, the SP51 uses a powerful 6.5 V12 engine with 800 horsepower and 73.2 kgfm of torque installed in the front.

Not surprisingly, the aerodynamics of the SP51 required careful finishing in a process involving CFD simulation, wind tunnel and dynamic testing to ensure not only high cabin comfort, but also the same level of acoustic comfort and wind sensation. .

The SP51 style is strong and balanced, thanks to its muscular and flowing surfaces. Its shapes are modern, sinuous and physical at the same time, largely due to the extensive use of exposed carbon fiber on the outside and in the cabin. Finishing the hood is very attractive as it strongly restricts the dual air intake.

Another striking feature of the SP51 is its new three-layer Rosso Passionale paintwork – the color was developed specifically for the car and gives it an elegant and attractive character that also exudes authority. The feeling is further enhanced by the blue and white livery made after the legendary Ferrari 410 S of 1955, which not only runs the length of the car, but is also mentioned in the interior.

The car has specially designed lights.
The car has specially designed lights.

At the front, specially designed headlamps give the SP51 its instantly recognizable identity. Also of note are the wheels, which are car-specific and feature a carbon fiber wing detail on each spoke, which also feature a contemporary tan-sur-tan diamond-cut finish on the front facing section. .

The unique style was created by the Ferrari Fashion Center, headed by Flavio Manzoni
The unique style was created by the Ferrari Fashion Center, headed by Flavio Manzoni

The rear of the car is dominated by an arched motif, and the taillights are placed under the spoiler. Immediately behind the cabin there are two wings that look sleek and two carbon fiber air intakes. Between these two elements, a carbon fiber wing extends, whose profile is folded over the wings. The result is similar to the Targa, where the flybridge elegantly hides the anti-roll bar, a tribute to the solution adopted in Ferrari sports models of the 1960s.

That said, the culmination of a rigorous honing process, where the customer was involved every step of the way, should be the booth, where new heights of craftsmanship and creativity were reached. The customization revolves around two clever ideas: the decision to use the same Rosso Passionale color, customized for the exterior, as the main color of the Alcantara® covering, and the brilliant idea of ​​extending the exterior trim longitudinally into the cabin. Its white and blue line, in fact, is visible on the central tunnel and on the facade between the two seats on the partition wall, as well as on the seam of the steering wheel, creating a sense of seamless continuity between the outside and the inside. the architecture of the carriageway played an important role.

You can’t buy one

The Ferrari SP51 is a very unique roadster
The Ferrari SP51 is a truly unique roadster

When talking about exclusivity, there are people who think it is important to have a special parking space in the company, but the buyer of that Ferrari is really lucky.

Based on the 812 GTS model, the Ferrari SP51 was produced to meet the request of a Taiwanese billionaire, that is, this supercar was made to meet an exclusive, exclusive order.

*With information from Ferrari and wikipedia.