The Fiat Cronos gets new equipment and is more expensive in the 2023 lineup

The Fiat Cronos gets new equipment and is more expensive in the 2023 lineup

Fiat Cronos 2023 – (Photo: Archive)

The entry configuration, called only 1.0, can now receive the Safety Package as an option, which adds a ramp start assistant and electronic traction and stability controls, for BRL 490. This means that the current price is BRL 83,890 , which represents an increase in BRL. 1,900 compared to December 2022.

The Drive 1.0 configuration also experienced a price increase, which now costs BRL 87,990, which represents an increase of BRL 2,000. However, there were no major changes in the equipment provided. The configuration also offers the Pack Drive Plus, which includes alloy wheels, a rear camera and an electrically adjustable rear mirror, for R$ 2,890. In addition, a Safety Package is also available as an option.

Rear tail of Fiat Cronos 2023

The 1.3 Drive configuration lost the Drive Plus Pack option and now only offers the S-Design Special Series Pack and Safety Pack. The S-Desgin package adds 15-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, digital climate control, a reversing camera, fog lights and an electric rearview mirror. The price is R$92,990, representing an increase of R$1,000 compared to last year.

The CVT Drive version also had a price increase of R$ 1,000, reaching R$ 98,990. This means an increase of BRL 10,000 since the model’s launch in July 2022. The only option available is the S-Design Pack.

The top of the line Precision was the version that received the biggest revision, with an increase of R$ 3,800, reaching R$ 106,790. The only novelty in this version is the addition of leather seats as a standard item. Optionally, buyers can pay BRL 1,300 for brown leather.

Despite the price increase, the Cronos is still one of the few options for automatic cars under R$ 100,000 in the Brazilian market. The brand has strived to provide car options that are cost-effective and yet equipped with high-tech equipment. With the addition of new equipment and options, the Cronos becomes even more attractive to those looking for an economical automatic car with advanced safety features.

In addition, Cronos stands out for its good performance, with powerful and efficient engines, as well as a modern and elegant design. Fiat has invested in research and development to produce vehicles that are increasingly competitive and attractive to consumers.

Overall, even with the price increase, the Cronos remains a good purchase option for those looking for an economical, comfortable and safe car. With its new accessories and options, Cronos is positioning itself as the smart choice in the automotive market.

Fiat Cronos 2023