The first decision of the new president of Toyota.  Lexus is the leading brand introducing the electric market

The first decision of the new president of Toyota. Lexus is the leading brand introducing the electric market

Toyota will focus on expanding the range of electric vehicles in the Lexus brand, announced the concern’s new president, Koji Sato. At the same time, the company will not abandon its previously adopted strategy of developing various powertrains, Reuters heard. Sato officially takes over on April 1, but is already starting to make strategic decisions about the Japanese manufacturer. After the chaos served up by Akio Toyoda, the whole thing starts to make sense.

Electric drives as a charge. Will hydrogen remain in the budget brand?

According to Sato at least Half of the problems associated with electric vehicles and associated with Toyota are the result of poor communication. He insistedthat the company maintains its current strategy, which assumes the sale of 3.5 million electric vehicles in 2030. In 2022, 24,466 BEVs (and 3,924 hydrogen vehicles, FCEVs) were delivered to customers.

Increasing the portfolio with electric cars within Lexus is logical, it will be easier for the company to convince customers to buy more expensive cars, in which the costs of batteries and research and development will be hidden. Lexus buyers will receive more powerful, quieter and more comfortable cars, while Toyota will be dominated by solutions that do not guarantee driving thrills, but are cheaper (combustion engines and hybrid drives).

The new president emphasized that this is not a particularly important change in strategy and that the company will continue to focus on the development of various power plants that reduce carbon emissions. It’s hard to say what the fate of fuel cells will be, because the hydrogen Toyota Mirai II starts today at PLN 319,900, so the car is neither affordable like a Toyota nor powerful like a Lexus. Sato said that additional information about the strategy will be provided in April when he officially takes over the company.

Koji Sato (c) Toyota

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