The first electric Land Rover ever to go on sale, the opportunity is very tempting

The first electric Land Rover ever to go on sale, the opportunity is very tempting

The unexpected debut of Land Rover’s first off-road vehicle with an electric motor is making waves.

Also in a Land Rover is ready to offer complete electric models, an epochal moment in the history of the brand, and also divide its fans into two opposing groups. On the one hand, there are those who enthusiastically welcome the company’s new philosophy, embracing the sustainability offered by electrification. On the other hand, however, there are followers of tradition, who remain faithful to the use of heat engines, reluctant to abandon the charm and distinctive character that they represent.

Waiting for the official debut, there is already an electric Land Rover –

Controversy has raged and discussions between the two groups are revived. While some applaud the British carmaker’s bold move towards a more sustainable future, others fear that the new direction could affect the brand’s heritage and identity.

In short, the arrival of the new electric Land Rover certainly does not go unnoticed, evoke mixed feelings and divided fans of the historic brand. It remains to be seen how this turning point in the industry will affect the future of the famous British car manufacturer and therefore the commercial response of future customers.

A unique model of the electric Defender 90

If the electric Range Rover is being tested before its official release, the electric Land Rover has already been developed by London Electric Cars, a London-based company founded in 2017, which has distinguished itself in the automotive industry with a unique mission: convert classic cars into electric cars, to save them from the inevitable fate of dissolution. This innovative initiative aims to preserve the charm and heritage of historic vehicles, giving them a sustainable new lease of life.

Among the many conversion projects, A beautiful 1988 Land Rover Defender 90 conversion. This unique roadster has been replaced with an electric motor, while retaining its enduring appeal.

Land Rover Electric Conversion London Electric Vehicles
Here is a fully electric Land Rover made by London Electric Cars –

The process of converting a conventional car into an electric car there Electric Cars of London it usually takes around three months to complete, although more complex projects can take up to 12 months. However, despite the interest received, conversion kits are currently not available for private purchase. The London Electric Cars team is working hard to make these devices accessible to the public, but this option is not yet available at this time.

As far as costs go, converting a regular car to an electric car at London Electric Cars involves a iuseless investment, which is close 55,000 euros. So it is certainly not a popular solution, but certainly interesting for the type of amateurs who want to make a car with a modern and usable combustion engine. This cost reflects the craftsmanship and specialized work required to perform the conversion, as well as the use of modern components and technology to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

A Land Rover converted to electric motor made by London Electric Cars is for sale on the website Silordome, which specializes in the sale of vintage cars and more.