The future of Opel is electric: big expectations for details at the Monaco International Motor Show

The future of Opel is electric: big expectations for details at the Monaco International Motor Show

The next major European event, on an international scale, associated with the automotive industry is already being prepared and promises to be an appointment in style. The Munich International Motor Showwhich will take place at the beginning of next September, will have a wide representation of the latest innovations from the product, including A big surprise from Opel.

The International Motor Show of Monaco, which is now the direct successor of the one that has now disappeared in Frankfurt, promises a new second edition in a big way, more representative than the last one that took place in the middle of the restrictions associated with the Pandemic. a large number of representatives; some of these will introduce new models, making their debut on the market, which will be seen during this important event in Germany.

The main news expected in the second half of this year, and the significant invasion of Chinese manufacturers, as well as the models that will be sold in the first half of 2024 will be the most awaited models. At home Opel have already confirmed that The new Opel Astra Sports Tourer Electric will be present during the important German event, with the modification where the smallest model available today in the brand’s current price list, the Corsa, and its new zero-emission variant, the Corsa Electric. Two very important European evaluations and to which a third will be added which promises to attract the general public, but which Opel has not given more information about.

The new electric Opel Manta is one of the most anticipated innovations and should make its debut in Monaco.

To its credit, Opel already has four key innovations that it has yet to reveal. However, what we are sure of is that by 2025, German homemaker Stellantis will join the huge range of electric vehicles available on the market today and a more concept car should open the doors new style. It should be said that Opel would look at an interesting alternative to the Opel Insignia.

New Opel Manta

Today the Grandland is a model in the current range of the brand that not only takes its role as a large SUV, but also represents its main brand; a temporary role that is also added to the replacement of the Opel Crossland, whose development had been seen in tests last winter with a forklift. according to the new generation of compact. Two very important models for the German manufacturer that has already become an important reference within the Group born from the merger between FCA and PSA.

The new model that will replace the Insignia is due to be launched in Monaco

In this pregnancy of new models we cannot exclude the modern interpretation of Opel Manta-eone of the most desirable of recent times and in which the manufacturer from Russelheim has placed high hopes, relying on the crossover method instead of a modern sports car that can perform. up to 700 kilometers of freedom for one payment. The early possibility, in terms of concept, of a model that will replace the Opel Grandland, whose future has already been confirmed to be fully electric, seems more distant. The successor to the old Zafira is also expected in mid-2025, a model that should represent a complete surprise for the Opel brand that will be of ever-increasing importance.