The hydrofoil boat was developed in collaboration with Polestar

The hydrofoil boat was developed in collaboration with Polestar

It is common to see a car manufacturer partner with a company that specializes in another field of manufacturing. There are several examples of partnerships, such as Ford and Legoland who collaborated on the creation of the Ford F-150 Electric made entirely of legos. While some parties are more crazy, others are aimed at sharing knowledge, and this is the case of the manufacturer. Polestar and a Swedish boat builder Candle who revealed a electric hydrofoil boat combining the skills of both companies.

A natural union

Candela is a company specializing in the manufacture of electric boats. The importance of boats from this company lies in the fact that they use hydrofoil technology. This technology allows the boat to sail on the water thanks to the support system of the wings attached to the hull of the boat. From a certain speed and once in the air, the frictional force applied to the hull of the boat is greatly reduced, which allows the boat to perform better and use less energy.

The nautical company has been designing and building hydrofoils for several years. Candela boats are powered by Polestar batteries and charging technology. This relationship between the two Swedish companies has enabled Candela to power its electric hydrofoils with high-performance technology, according to Candela. Indeed, several of the company’s boats use the same battery found in the Polestar 2. This is also the case of the Candela C-8, a luxury hydrofoil. With a 75-kilowatt electric motor powered by a 69-kilowatt-hour battery, the C-8 offers a range of 57 nautical miles, or 105 kilometers. This boat can also accelerate quickly while being very comfortable, according to Candela.

Candela boat, Polestar model

To further develop their partnership, Polestar and Candela have worked closely together to create the Candela C-8 Polestar. Working on the basis of the Candela C-8, Polestar has created a unique version of this electric hydrofoil. Indeed, the automaker has used its stylistic signature to create this version. According to the two companies, the electric hydrofoil is the epitome of Scandinavian luxury. When it shows a solid gray color on the outside, C-8 Polestar it is recognizable by the addition of gold colored elements, the same color used for the performance versions of Polestar cars.

Once taken out of the water, the gold-colored lifting wings recall the first sounds given to the car manufacturer. Inside, gray dominates, but it is paler. Crafted with numerous materials and fabrics exclusive to this edition, the C-8 Polestar is shapeless and stylish, according to Candela.

Boat seats have been specially made for the edition. The seats, borrowed directly from Polestar cars, offer an exceptional level of comfort, according to Candela. In addition, according to the company, the seats allow you to live an experience of calmness and unity when driving an electric hydrofoil.

The first examples of the Candela C-8 Polestar will be delivered around June 2024. The boat has a retail price of $612,000 and will be built directly at Candela’s factory in Stockholm, Sweden.