The Land Rover Defender Convertible is the missing piece in the model range.  Someone saw it

The Land Rover Defender Convertible is the missing piece in the model range. Someone saw it

Sometimes producers need a little help. Land Rover Defender Convertible has not officially entered the market, but it is available for purchase. Heritage Design took matters into their own hands and created an amazing version of this car.

We are sure that if such a version was sold in series, it would be very popular. New Land Rover Defender not available with soft rear opening. Fortunately, there is no shortage of enthusiasts willing to take bold steps to create such a car.

Heritage Customs decided to supplement his version with such an option. Contrary to appearances, the creation process required a lot of experience, but the final result is impressive.

The Land Rover Defender Convertible by Heritage Customs has an FIA compliant cage. For what?

Of course, all for safety. This is one of the biggest problems when removing part of the roof. Here, it was necessary to additionally rebuild pillar B, which could weaken the structure.

In the cabin you can see the frame of the castle, decorated with leather and well-furnished. Such a car will pass all technical tests without any problems and will be accepted for traffic. This is a big plus.

The cut-out rear of the body has been replaced by a soft top that folds behind the bench seat. It extends completely over the front seats, creating a pleasant open space for four people.

By the way, the car has become more luxurious

Heritage Customs also undertook the complete reconstruction of the interior. All elements are covered with leather and wood in a light shade, creating a very attractive environment in the cabin.

The body, on the other hand, stands out because of the 22-inch rims and several color additions. Heritage Customs has also prepared three color packs for this vehicle, to make purchasing easier for customers.

Land Rover Defender Convertible 2023

The first, Cote d’Azur, combines blue with a light roof and bright interior, and there are 22-inch Space Cowboy wheels on the wheel arches. The second option is Kokkini Paralia – matte red, dark interior and 22-inch Supersonic wheels. The third configuration is called Solihull Sand and is an homage to the original 1948 Defender.

Heritage Customs each car is built to order from the customer. The price of the conversion itself is 82,500 euros initially. To this amount you have to add all the whims and of course the price of the Land Rover Defender 90 itself, which you have to give to this manufactory.