The latest version of the BMW i3 is very unique, but not special

The latest version of the BMW i3 is very unique, but not special

BMW is busy producing final copies of i3. The first electric model from the Germans goes out with a very unique version.

It was also clear that the curtain would soon fall on the BMW i3. The Bavarian car manufacturer has now begun production of the final copies. Ten of these have been developed as a HomeRun Edition. Unique series, all of which have already been sold to customers. Or, the athlete i3s as the basis for models.

unique color

Painted with Dark Gray or Frozen Red, two new colors for i3. Additionally, the electric models are located on a 20-inch light bulb, have an electric glass roof, flexible LED lights. In the interior there is also everything and in this unique series of i3s. Consider the Vernasca Dark Truffle leather, Carum Gray headboard, interior lighting, heated seats and Harman Kardon sound system.

It may not sound unique, because apart from that shadow are all the items that were already available on i3. The unique thing is that the ten buyers of the car were able to see for themselves how the car came to life in the factory.

A young citizen

About the manufacture of the BMW i3: The electric model appeared on the market in 2013 and has removed the production line in Leipzig 250,000 times a year. So that now comes to an end. Leipzig prepares for the production of the next electric model. Refers to the electric Country Miniman, which will begin production next year.

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The name i3 is not lost either. In China, BMW is currently distributing the current 3-Series electronic version under the same name, but i3 will also return to Europe in due course. It is the successor of electronics for the 3-Series, which will appear on the market in 2025. The number variant of Visits will also appear, albeit a little later.

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