The legendary 1970 Dodge Challenger Black Ghost sold for a record price

The legendary 1970 Dodge Challenger Black Ghost sold for a record price

a story Dodge Challenger “Black Ghost” from 1970 changed hands for a record $975,000 at a recent Mecum Auctions auction. This car was not known to the public until 10 years ago. Unrestored and always managed by the same family, it had an American police officer as its first buyer. The car, nicknamed “The Black Ghost”, gained notoriety for some stunts on the streets of Detroit, where its owner forgot that he was a man of the law, engaging in unusual robberies.

The young lady, in fact, participated in some at night he drives, is clearly a secret, where it suddenly appeared, gave sound blows to the opponents, dominating the competitive scene, and then quickly disappeared. It would resurface weeks or months later, repeating the winning cycle. No one ever knew who the man behind the wheel of this Dodge Challenger was. The car and its driver became an urban legend in the world of street racing. It has some effect to know that the policeman was in charge of the dance: who would have thought? I think no one. However, that’s how things went. Yet another proof of how nothing can be taken for granted in life.

A few years ago the car passed to his son, who inherited it. Then sales. The one auctioned by Mecum Auctions is one of 23 Hemi Challenger R/Ts produced by Dodge in 1970 with a 4-speed manual transmission, instead of the standard 3-speed transmission, typical of the model. The police ordered the car in a special order according to experts. Under the front bonnet, of course, the usual 383 cubic inch V8 engine does not welcome you, but the 426 cubic inch V8 Hemi.

As mentioned, this sample just came out of the garage to compete in road races, almost always winning. The comparison theater was Woodward Road of Detroit. No one ever saw the car outside the race, no one ever understood who its driver was. In the late 70s the car disappeared from the radar. Then it resurfaced, decades later. The agent’s son has returned to the famous “Black Ghost” light, which had traveled less than 50,000 miles in its long life. No returns have been made on the model. The bodywork wears a patina of age and suffering during night raids.

It was unveiled to the public, after a long absence, at the 2017 MCACN event, then participated in the 2018 Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, where it won the National Automotive Heritage Award from the Historic Automobile Association. She was then shown at the Amelia Island Hilton Head pageant and other events. The new owner of the Dodge Challenger “Black Ghost” is planning a major overhaul. Once this is done, he will put the car back on the circuit, to make it known closely to the curious, even during meetings and shows of vintage cars.

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