The Lexus RX comes with three hybrids

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At the beginning of the year, the Japanese manufacturer launches the fifth generation of RX – and offers hybrid variants with a safety device against “door” accidents.

The new Lexus RX is at the starting blocks: the Toyota subsidiary wants to take orders for the luxury SUV from October and start delivering it in the new year, the manufacturer announced.

Lexus has not yet announced a price. But the spokesperson made it clear that there should not be big jumps. If the current RX from the fourth generation was last available from 65,000 euros, the fifth version should therefore remain below 70,000 euros.

There are five medium-sized seats on the brand new platform. Although it is still 4.89 meters long, it has a wheelbase that is six centimeters longer and equals more space in the interior.

He also sheds two hundred pounds and gets a lower center of gravity, which should benefit the driving dynamics, according to Lexus. Like the rear axle steering with up to four degrees of lock, which the manufacturer offers for the first time on the RX.

Door locks with blind spot sensor

There is also a new cockpit with a large digital display and, according to the manufacturer, a simplified operating system, a trunk with more loading height and a lower edge. Electric door locks are also installed, which can only be opened when the blind spot sensor provides full visibility for cyclists or pedestrians.

When it comes to the drive system, Lexus takes a different approach than the competition: while the German competitors mainly rely on different types of fuel and cylinders, Lexus does not have a diesel engine, V6 or V8.

Instead, the Japanese offer three different hybrid combinations and want to satisfy all needs – standard all-wheel drive is included.

From casual to sports – three hybrids

The base model is the standard hybrid RX 350h, which comes with a 2.5 liter petrol engine and an electric motor for a system output of 184 kW/250 hp and consumes 6.6 liters (CO2 emissions 149 g/km).

For the first time in the series, there is a plug-in hybrid for economical customers, in which the system output increases to 225 kW/306 hp according to Lexus. The RX 450h + battery has a capacity of 18.1 kWh and should enable around 65 kilometers of electric driving. According to Lexus, this reduces consumption to 1.2 liters and CO2 emissions to 26 g/km.

And if you like it more than sporty, you get the first hybrid turbo from the Japanese to replace the six-cylinder in the RX 500h. With a turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder and two electric motors, it gives a system output of 273 kW / 371 hp, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds and reaches up to 210 km / h, time for another. two variants are already over 200 km/h.

As the only variant, he does not use a continuously variable CVT transmission, but a six-speed automatic. Lexus says its consumption is 8.3 liters and its CO2 emissions are 183 g/km.

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