The McLaren 720S GT3X is a great circuit

The McLaren 720S GT3X is a great circuit

What if you develop a race car, but start applying your own rules? That question asked the Motorsport department of McLaren Automotive. Well, the result is the 720S GT3X. It is the aggressive sibling of the brand’s GT3 racing car, from which all brakes have been removed.

The word GT3 stands for the sponsor’s car, the GT3 racing car that McLaren uses on many circuits. The X behind the GT3 designation represents a massive crossover through all the existing rules for participating in the racing classes. McLaren decides for the latest sports coupe its rules of the game, and there just aren’t any. That the car carries the 720S makes sense. For two reasons, because it is basically a 720S and the racing engine now produces 720 hp.

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McLaren 720S GT3X

30 hp in overboost

Starting with the last, the 720S GT3X has a power of 200 horsepower GT3 version, which brings power to 720 hp. At the push of a button, the V8 engine drops another 30 hp, making 750 hp available in no time. The English sports car builder has managed to achieve this by offering a hand-built racing engine with large turbos and a separate cooling system, among other things. Power, of course, is transferred to the pavement through the rear wheels.

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Unnecessary things are left out

The 720S GT3X has a total GT3 racing package, which means less weight and a stripped-down interior. There is one regular chair in the living room. Additionally, the McLaren has a redesigned roll cage, the steering wheel has been bumped up and down and unnecessary things for a fast car on a closed circuit have been left out. The chassis has revised springs and dampers, such as the anti-roll bar. Additionally, the car’s aerodynamics package has been modified. Also here because there are no rules. In addition, the GT3X is more powerful than the GT3.

exhaust valve

McLaren offers the GT3X to its customers for free racing or to compete with other 720S versions. If you don’t want to use the race as a stop and want to enjoy a nice tour, you can order an optional second seat so that two people can enjoy the sports coupé.

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