The new Cupra is preparing for its debut.  The name indicates what it was designed for

The new Cupra is preparing for its debut. The name indicates what it was designed for

Cupra Raval, the new electric city car, will impress passers-by with its original looks and space-age cockpit. According to the manufacturer, the mottos that guided the engineers when creating the zero-emission “city car” were: fun, original and modern, because that’s what the novel zero-emission is.

Spanish model names always have a hidden meaning, and this case is no different. Raval comes from the El Raval district in Barcelona, ​​​​which in recent years has become a center of culture, art and tourism. There is no doubt that this vibrant area and the childhood of young artists will now become famous.

The Spanish novel was created on the small MEB platform for electric vehicles. The car, with a length of more than 4 meters, will be powered by a 226 HP engine mounted on the front axle. The first “hundred” will appear on the counter after 6.9 seconds, and the maximum speed will be reduced electronically to 160 km / h. The maximum in the “Range” version is estimated at 440 km. Using a fast charger, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent. It should last 20 minutes.

Technologically, the Cupra Raval will be based on the solutions that Volkswagen presented during the premiere of the ID.2all concept model – the first B-segment electric car of the German concern. Cupra Raval, like its twin model under the VW badge, will enter the market in 2025. The Germans announced that the base price will be less than EUR 25,000.

The Cupra Raval model, like other new products from the Spanish brand, remained presented to the world in the middle of 2022. During the meeting, organized on a large scale, Wayne Griffiths, president of the Cupra brand management board, announced major changes in the model range. It was then that the Tavascan model (a relative of the Volkswagen ID.5), the Terramar compact SUV, as well as new versions of the Birth, Leon and Formentor models were shown for the first time. The star of the evening was the Cupra Raval, but at that time it was still called “UrbanRebel”.