The new Fiat Panda B-SUV and Pandina 2024, how much will they cost?  The ‘risk’ of the same price

The new Fiat Panda B-SUV and Pandina 2024, how much will they cost? The ‘risk’ of the same price

More than a month has passed since the presentation of the new Fiat Pandina 2024, the most technological Panda ever. At the end of February, a new model of the immortal city car was revealed, which continues to set sales records.

Even in the list of the 10 best-selling cars in March 2024 in Italy, Fiat Panda appeared in command and we are sure that the positive trend will also continue with Pandina. But how much will it cost?

It’s hard to say but considering that the current version of Panda is listed, excluding ads, in 15.500 euros, there is a possibility that the MY 2024 model may cost a little more. Of course, it should not be forgotten that Pandina will have it all technologies to cope with GSR24Therefore, various fees, so the list price will increase without a doubt, probably reaching almost 20 thousand euros.

But it doesn’t end here because on July 11 Fiat will launch the new Panda B-SUV, the one that will be electric but also hybrid, as CEO Olivier Francois has clearly indicated. The new Pandona (let’s simply call it that) will be the twin of the C3 so it will basically be priced the same if not lower, and the entry level version, in green, around 20 thousand euros.

So how much will the hybrid cost? The ideal part would be at least 5,000 euros less, so top 15, maybe 17/18 as a more reliable idea. So there is “dangerous“, surprisingly, that the new hybrid Panda B-SUV 2024 will cost the same if not inferior to the Pandina hybrid, which in beauty is almost identical with the current style.

In short, a little confusion and maybe we will have made your head spin a little, but the possible scenario looks like one. Two plants with similar prices in generaldespite the great limitations: we will see what happens, with the hope that our doubts will be clarified soon.