The new Leon seat is more expensive than its predecessor – we know the Polish price list

The new Leon seat is more expensive than its predecessor – we know the Polish price list

The fourth generation Leon has increased and more expensive. The cheapest version with a TSI 1.0 engine and 90 HP and a five-speed manual gearbox costs PLN 69,700. This is how much Leon Referrals cost. The predecessor with a 1.0 EcoTSI 115 HP engine from the year 2020 (Sinema equipment) costs PLN 67,900 (in the case of annual sales, you can get a copy for PLN 61,500).

The Leona Retro can only be purchased with one of the smaller 90 HP petrol engines. Those who need a more powerful engine, or prefer a diesel or hybrid, should spend more on the better equipped variants (Style or Xcellence). In addition, diesel retirees can only choose a well-equipped station wagon (2.0 TDI 150 HP DSG for PLN 118,600). The high-pressure version of the five-door Leon is free to find in the Polish price list.

Even the cheapest version has decent equipment. Kit boasts that the price of PLN 69,700 includes, among others, Lane Assist, Hill Start Assist (Auto Hold), Assist Front, Automatic A / C, Electric Front and Rear Windows, LED Daytime Running Lights, Fatigue Recognition System and Large Multimedia Radio 8 ,25 ”color screen and 4 speakers. However, it is free to rely on extras such as a resting place, USB-C sockets for everyone, tinted windows or cruise control.

Anyone for whom 90 HP is not enough must invest at least PLN 77,300 (hatchback., 0 TSI 110 HP) or PLN 84,900 (1.5 TSI 130 station wagon). Even more must be used in combination. This is only offered on the Xcellence range and FR trim levels. The 1.5 eTSI hybrid hatchback with 150 HP was sold for PLN 108,500. You have to pay PLN 112,100 for a station wagon.

A more expensive 204 hp hybrid variant may be ordered at a later date (the seat is not yet dated). For now, we only know the price. To pay PLN 131,100 for the 1.4 eHybrid charged from the socket. The price of station wagon and hatchback is the same then.

One in the Seat remained old as it was. You can count on a long list of paid options. There are many packages (from 547 PLN to 3247 PLN). An additional PLN 1,535 is required for keyless entry and engine start system (standard only in Xcellence). You need to pay PLN 2,149 for heating several important components (steering wheel, seats and washer nozzles). A radio with navigation and a larger 10-inch screen was sold at the price of PLN 3002 (then Android Auto and CarPlay options are free). Almost every version of the device (not counting the Reference) can be ordered with a BeatsAudio sound system (2145 PLN).