The new Lexus UX has been significantly improved on the road

The new Lexus UX has been significantly improved on the road

More performance, more safety, more versatility: the Lexus UX has been thoroughly improved on the road. The compact crossover has enhanced safety features and an improved multimedia system like the full hybrid Lexus UX 250h and all-electric Lexus UX 300e. In the future, this will provide more connectivity, faster and easier operation and cloud-based navigation on a touch screen of up to twelve inches. Lexus’ first electric car will also be available with a new battery system from next year. This increases the range of the Lexus UX 300e by more than 40 percent to up to 450 kilometers (WLTP included). Fine tuning of the body and chassis also contribute to an improved driving experience.

The all-new Lexus UX 250h that is already available also ensures a smooth ride and responsive handling. Those opting for the F SPORT now benefit from variable shock absorbers on the front and rear axles as standard. Clean colors, including a two-tone color finish, complete the creation.

Electric storage

Electric drive is a must for the Lexus UX: The Lexus UX 250h has a 135 kW/184 hp hybrid drive that combines a two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with two electric motors. With the E-Four all-wheel drive system, an additional electric motor on the rear axle helps start and accelerate as well as cornering on slippery surfaces, improving traction. VSC stability control not only improves power distribution between the front and rear axles, but also corrects oversteer and understeer, contributing to better cornering behavior. The rear electric motor also serves as a generator for the regenerative braking system, further increasing the efficiency of energy saving.

The 150 kW/204 hp Lexus UX 300e is on the road purely electrically and therefore pollution-free – and now for even longer: Due to the electric brand’s more than 15 years of experience in electrification, the electric car it will be on the road. from spring 2023 the lithium-ion battery which has been increased from 54.3 to 72.8 kWh. Depending on the equipment and tires, this increases the range by more than 40 percent to up to 450 km (WLTP included).

Built-in driving pleasure guaranteed

With two equally developed and quiet drives, the Lexus UX offers maximum driving pleasure: The sporty, luxurious crossover is based on the international GA-C platform. Reinforced steel on the rear doors and additional welds on the rear wall and longitudinal members further improve the high rigidity of the car’s architecture. To reduce weight, aluminum is used on the doors, fenders and bonnet. Composite materials are used for the tailgate. In conjunction with the low center of gravity, resulting from the battery being placed under the floor (UX 300e) or under the rear seats (UX 250h), excellent handling is guaranteed. The agile car has a radius of only 10.4 meters and reacts immediately to control commands.

Despite the high seating position that is typical for crossovers, the distance between the hip area and the wheels is comparatively small. The result: the driver looks closer to the road than with other SUVs. He can choose different driving modes through the Lexus driving mode controller: while the level offers the best balance between driving performance and fuel consumption, the “ECO” mode is designed for maximum efficiency. Among other things, the response behavior of the throttle valve and the operation of the climate system are set for this purpose. Sport mode ensures immediate engine response to throttle commands and a direct steering feel.

More difficulty, more gameplay

The Lexus UX F SPORT also benefits as standard from the adaptive shock absorbers (AVS) on the front and rear axles: This system controls the damping force of the shock absorbers on all four wheels in 650 steps depending on the driving style and driving conditions. road. Inequality is therefore eliminated by equality. In addition, moving movements and high and medium-frequency vibrations are reduced. The new and stiffer linkage between the steering gear and the suspension also improves steering feel. In line with the increased rigidity of the body and additional spot welds, the strength of the shock absorbers has been changed accordingly for better performance.

A new multimedia system

At the heart of all Lexus UX is a new multimedia system with an eight or 12.3-inch touchscreen, depending on the device. The new display, which is 143 millimeters in front of and closer to the driver, replaces the previous touchpad control. Users benefit from sharp graphics – even in HD resolution on the 12.3-inch screen – and a quick response to control commands due to the high performance of the processor. The standard cloud navigation provides real-time road and traffic information and, in addition to the large screen, is also available as a hard drive navigation system.

“Hey Lexus” activates the language assistant of the same name, which not only controls the phone, climate and voice functions, but also searches the Internet. In conjunction with cloud-based navigation, the onboard system also provides nearby fuel prices and other local information. Through targeted optimization, the language assistant understands more natural words and commands – thanks to new microphones that pick up the voices of the driver and front passenger, even in background noise. Many vehicle functions can also be controlled and controlled remotely via the Lexus Link smartphone app – including locking and unlocking the doors, operating the air conditioning and setting the interior air conditioning.

Smartphones can be connected to the onboard system via Android Auto or wirelessly via Apple CarPlay. High-quality music sources are played via the USB-A port in the center console, while two more USB-C ports are used to charge mobile devices. The multimedia system can store personal profiles of up to three users and thus customize settings for multimedia, sound and navigation. In addition, the software can be easily updated via the integrated DCM (data communication module).

The space in the center console freed up by the removal of the touch pad accommodates the seat heating controls or another small storage area, depending on the equipment. There is also an illuminated shelf in front of the climate control panel, which can accommodate even a large smartphone.

New paint inside and out

For the new model year, the Lexus UX is available for the first time on request in Iridium Silver: This new special color uses Lexus’ advanced Sonic paint technology, in which a layer a few microns thick brings metallic flakes into the paint inside. a tighter, more uniform bond. The result is more brightness and deeper shadows. Alternatively, customers can also choose one of the many two-tone colors. In the interior, a new shade of alpaca brown is offered for the seats. The optional perforated leather seats feature a new Kagome pattern inspired by traditional Japanese wicker, while the leather upholstery also features new Sashiko stitching. The dashboard is designed for all variables in the design of Washi (Japanese paper). The top of the instrument panel is now black on all trim levels and the start button is silver on all models.

More security

The improved Lexus Safety System + ensures safety, which, in addition to the Pre-Crash Safety System, also includes an intersection assistant for safe turning and an emergency steering assistant. This helps avoid obstacles safely without leaving the path. Cruise control includes a new feature that automatically adjusts speed before and around curves.