The New Opel Frontera, a hybrid of electric and smooth, fully focuses on versatility

The New Opel Frontera, a hybrid of electric and smooth, fully focuses on versatility

One step above the Mokka and one step below the new Grandland. It’s that chance New Opel Frontera it announces indirectly, with the first images of the interior and the design showing the brand’s latest style characteristics. Vizor to talk about the grille, the band that includes the groups of light and leave a space for cooling needs with an opening above the phone number holder.


The Silhouette is characterized by a rear treatment, between the C-pillar that wraps around the window frame – and the light-enhancing line on the dashboard – and the ribs used on the rear wheel arches. In the queue, however, splitting the headlights into two elements is a new detail for the 2024 Frontera. Like the rear window treatment that visually extends the side profile of the SUV.


At the doors of section C (at a height of 4.30 meters?), we can discover a project that will fully reveal itself in the coming months. It’s for The significant amount available in the boot, 460 liters is made with less than twice as usual and can be 1,600 liters by folding the rear seats (60:40).

The call of a sports utility vehicle full of versatility and availability of space on board is confirmed by the (optional) version of roof racks, capable of supporting up to 200 kg of load.


the new Opel Frontera interior

The interior continues on the stylistic theme of marked angularity: from the steering wheel to the two screens placed at an angle towards the driver, both 10 inches to organize the instruments and infotainment. Smart the dashboard design in front of the passenger, which provides open storage space. Other practical solutions are provided in the packaging of the computer holders in the center of the console and in the multimedia solution connected via smartphone, named “station” which allows you to use your device (with special Opel software) as if it were an information center of the car. . Yes, the steering wheel controls control the smartphone display.

The market launch of the new Opel Frontera will take place with hybrid gasoline engines and in electric mode.


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