The new super SUV from Skoda makes its rivals tremble: it is very big, comfort and power to the nth level.

The new super SUV from Skoda makes its rivals tremble: it is very big, comfort and power to the nth level.

Skoda has a very clear plan in mind for the future, and now we start talking about a formidable SUV. This is how it will be.

The world of electric cars will receive important news in a few years, when Skoda will launch a large SUV. According to what emerged, it will be a 7 person car, obviously designed for large families and, in general, for those who need a lot of space on board. The Czech House is part of the group Volkswagenwhich certainly does not get a good phase at the moment, and which has removed from the groups that owns all the responsibilities and indications about the engines that they focus on.

Scary model of Skoda –

Naturally, there is no longer that kind of unwritten rule of thumb to focus on electricity, given that the leaders of the Wolfsburg house have realized that it is still too early to think of being able to replace those of heat. However, It seems that there is a lot of trust in Skoda, and the news arriving on this SUV gives hope. Let’s find out what the car will be like.

Skoda, all the details on the new 7-seater SUV

variety of Skoda it is ready to expand, and it is in 2026 that the long-awaited revolution, which has been talked about for a long time, will take place. A new 7-seater electric SUV, based on the Vision 7S, will debut in a few years., Concept Car that was unveiled in the summer of 2022 and that you can admire in this photo. Obviously, in a serial model there will be some differences, but there will be no shortage of points of contact.

Skoda Vision 7S is something new
Skoda Vision 7S on display (Skoda) –

In the last hours, “Auto Express” also showed some patent images that anticipate the shapes of the large SUV, which as mentioned, will run with zero emissions only, without the presence of a heated variant. A new modern design language Strong will lead the style of this styleand its design will be sharper, according to the previously mentioned source, compared to the current models of the Czech Republic company.

This is confirmed by patent images, and there is also another important innovation in terms of graphics. Indeed, The familiar Skoda symbols disappear, and in their place the brand name will be written. The platform to be used will be the MEB, which the Enyaq was also built on and which is already on the list today, so from this point of view the new 7-seater giant will not represent anything completely new. At the moment, we have no information about its freedom, power and prices, but this is normal considering the long time left until the unveiling.

Indeed, a house owned by a group Volkswagen is very interested and wants to use the great potential of SUVs, helping with zero emissions, which, however, these days are still decreasing. BEVs could hit the road in the next few years, with the sure sinking once and for all. Investment, in this sense, is always a big risk.