The new Xiaomi Smart Home display could be popular

The new Xiaomi Smart Home display could be popular

Xiaomi is very active in the smart home market. In recent years, the company has released a large number of gadgets, which gained many followers. Their brand loyalty can be strengthened with the new Smart Display 10.

The smart home market is very broad and it is difficult for any innovative solution to stand out. Xiaomi presented a great show that showed that you can still surprise your household with new technology. What is Smart Display 10?

Better new screen or something else?

Xiaomi Smart Display 10 is an innovative smart display. The device has a metal frame and a special mesh that covers the microphone. With its use, we will be able to control all the devices installed in our house or apartment. Thanks to the screen, we will be able to quickly change the intensity of the light, the temperature, and even reduce the music. The screen is compatible with the Mi Home app.

To further facilitate the fulfillment of daily tasks, the screen has a 5 Mpix front camera, which is to allow video calls or receive intercom when connected to the display.

Is HD resolution too low?

The display has a 10-inch screen and offers HD viewing for potential characters. At first glance, this is a disappointing result, however, you should remember that the device is not competing with our phones, tablets or laptops. Many competing models offer low resolution, and such a display should be sufficient for everyday tasks.

Currently, the device is only released in China, so we will not buy it in regional stores Xiaomi. It is not known whether Xiaomi will want to introduce the device for sale in other countries, but looking at the company’s policy – it is better to be positive.

The price is also good, and it changes around PLN 640.