The next Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be electric and will arrive in 2026

The next Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be electric and will arrive in 2026

There has been a lot of news about alfa romeo of late, with the bombshell that Alfa Romeo has nearly sold a supercar with no green light to produce it, the successor to the 1,000hp EV Giulia Quadrifoglio supposed to arrive soon, and the news that there will be a three-row Alfa Romeo SUV. 400 miles for the US market. To add another layer of icing to that cake, now it is said that the next Stelvio will be electric and will arrive in 2026.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio.
Credit: Stellantis | Courtesy

When will the electric Alfa Romeo Stlevio arrive?

According to an Autocar report with the CEO of Alfa Romeo, Jean-Phillipe Imparato, the next electric Stelvio will arrive shortly after the initial presentation of the second generation Stelvio. The report is part of a huge plethora of news that has come from Autocar about alfa romeo directly from the CEO of the company, which is how most of this news has been spread.

Within that report, it was said that the Giulia EV would share a platform with the Stelvio EV, meaning it should share battery packs and have a relatively comparable range that should be well under 300.

The electric Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be an SUV aimed at the US.

The next alfa romeo Stelvio it will also be out soon and will apparently look very similar to the current model. It will sit on the Stellantis STLA Large deck, which is supposed to be shared with the Giulia. Everything is part of a Alfa Romeo’s big electrification pushwhich has struggled to sell cars in the US compared to its main rivals.

2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia
Credit: Alfa Romeo | Courtesy

The automaker is speeding up to embrace electrification and hopefully it will try a second time for real market share in the United States, especially with that Three-row SUV EV headed for America.

The electric Alfa Romeo Stlevio could have 1,000 horsepower

Yeah the Stelvio shares a platform with the Giuliathat means you’ll probably also get Quadrifoglio performance like the Giulia, which means you you can get the 1,000-hp powertrain that Imparato says will happen. But until then, we wait to see if this all comes to fruition in 2026.

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