The next Subaru STI, scheduled for 2028, will be electrified

The next Subaru STI, scheduled for 2028, will be electrified

  • All electric or hybrid? It is not clear yet.

  • Subaru will not introduce current generation STDs.

Subaru’s venerable sub-brand is one of the most respected in motorsport. Subaru Tecnica International made a name for itself in the World Rally Championship, which it practically won in the 1990s. The best-known product of this adventure is the Subaru WRX.

The STD version of the WRX soon joined the mix and immediately became a legend among sports cars. The latest generation WRX was presented almost two years ago, but no STI version is planned. According to Subaru, this decision is explained by production issues and regulations.

This does not mean that STI is dead. The Internet has realized that electrification is the way to go and, according to Car and Driver, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Subaru is currently working on an electric powertrain for the next generation of STDs. It should be built on the Subaru Solterra platform, known as the e-Subaru Global Platform if it is electric, which it certainly will be.

According to the source, the new STI isn’t expected until 2028, which is around the same time as the next-generation WRX.