The PIA Wolfsberg team brings you the new Audi A3 allstreet!  – 5 minutes

The PIA Wolfsberg team brings you the new Audi A3 allstreet! – 5 minutes

The Wolfsberg location, part of the famous PIA (Porsche Inter Auto) group, is more than just a place for car sales and service. Here, in the middle of a region rich in history and natural beauty, is A team of 43 dedicated employees ready to fulfill customer requests.

Places work closely together

“We in Carinthia work together as a PIA group, with areas in Klagenfurt, Villach and of course in here Wolfsberg. We all work very closely together.“, he explained Mario Hobel, site manager in Wolfsberg. “Our business is selling cars – new and used – and servicing them. With commercial contracts for brands such as VW and Audi, as well as service contracts for cars from the Volkswagen Group (VW, Audi, VW Commercial Vehicles, Skoda and Seat) , we are well positioned to fulfill every customer request. The offer is not only in the Wolfsberg area, but we sellers can sell any car from PIA in Carinthia..“

The PIA Wolfsberg team brings you the new Audi A3 allstreet!


Mario Hobel and Benjamin Stocker look forward to advising you!

The contrast makes it exciting

The automotive market is changing and PIA is ready to help shape the future of mobility. “We used to sell mainly combustion engines,” says Hobel, “but today we offer different types of cars – from hybrid models to purely electric vehicles. This diversity makes it exciting for our customers because everyone has different needs and preferences.“The way people buy cars is also changing. “The Internet makes us more open to the market,” explains Hobel. But what makes the PIA Wolfsberg location so special: the personal touch, the family atmosphere and the dedication of the staff.

The A3 road with its special off-road appearance!

But now there is something new at Porsche Inter Auto Wolfsberg: A3 and new Product improvement and new Audi A3 Roadster. With its attractive crossover design and combination of sportiness and everyday practicality, it embodies the perfection of the Audi A3 family. “The A3 allstreet is more than a car,” Hobel enthuses. “It’s a statement, an expression of style and power. With its off-road look and increased ground clearance, it’s ready for any adventure.

A true all-rounder!

But it’s not just the exterior features that set the A3 allstreet apart. Its interior is also impressive with high-quality materials, innovative technologies and an environment that is second to none. “When you enter, you immediately feel the precision and quality“, explains Hobel. “And thanks to the available lighting package, you can design the interior according to your wishes.” The A3 allstreet is also a master of networks and safety. With many functional systems and digital assistance, it is not just a car, but it is a good companion for every journey. “A3 allstreet is a true all-rounder,” says the managing director.

Everything directly through the program!

With its innovative integration of software and on-demand functionality, it sets new standards in terms of networking and convenience. “You can use the app to track your car, check its status and even save various features,” explains Hobel. “It’s amazing how you control your car – all from the comfort of your smartphone.”

Eat lunch while your car is changing a tire

On the 13th of April, the Wolfsberg region invites you to a very special event: the Räderwechselbrunch. “It will be a day full of joy, Test drives and culinary delights,” says Hobel. “While your car is changing wheels, you can have a leisurely breakfast and try on the latest designs on site.” Here the focus is on VW Tiguan and VW Passat placed.