The Tesla Model S Plaid is even closer to a race car with these new sport seats

The Tesla Model S Plaid is even closer to a race car with these new sport seats

Tesla is improving driving comfort with new sports seats for its Model S Plaid that could strengthen its reputation as an electric supercar. This update comes as the car is already famous for its performance comparable to that of the best sports cars.

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The Tesla Model S Plaid it is often used to set records against competitors such as the Porsche Taycan which is benchmarked in terms of electric performance. By increasing the speed of 0 to 100 km/h just inside 1.99 secondsit defines itself as a a big car, despite its appearance as a family sedan. This car, which combines technological innovation and extreme forceoften chosen by those who want to combine the comfort of a sedan with the excitement of sports cars.

However, one explanation was missing until now complete your status of supercars: suitable sports seats to his ability. To fix this, Tesla recently revealed bucket seats specifically designed to absorb the incredible power of the Model S Plaid. Come on new seatswith increased lateral support and a modular design that provides comfort and support, allowing drivers to fully experience the vehicle’s dynamic capabilities, especially in shifts – on the circuit of course.

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The Model S Plaid accelerates so quickly that Tesla decided to integrate the driver’s seats

It started as standard equipment on the Model S Plaid, these sport seats have a seasonal architecture which includes Electrical adjustment in 12 directionsand heating and ventilation. They are also covered by a always high performance for better grip and weight reduction. So this type of equipment follows Tesla’s commitment to provide high performance in a high comforteven in the worst driving conditions.

Ces new bucket seats so it will solve a problem frequently brought up by Model S Plaid owners: lack of support lduring heavy duty or sudden braking on the circuit. These new sports seats, with their side bolstering and suede cover, promise to deliver better stability and prevent slipping residents. They will therefore allow for more controlled and safer driving during intense driving sessions.