The Tonale will be the last Alfa Romeo with a combustion engine

The Tonale will be the last Alfa Romeo with a combustion engine

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Alfa Romeo has confirmed that from 2025 all its cars will be electric. So Tonale will close the warm frame for the brand.

Alfa Romeo’s vice president of marketing and product, Vincent Noirbent, confirmed to Autoblog the manufacturer’s plan for the future. Heat engines will completely disappear from the list after the current models.

The company will only produce electric trains for the years 2025. Tonale PHEV will still be part of the range then, but the new models will be 100% electric.

By then, the Giulia and Stelvio will be gone, and with them the current platform. In 2025, Alfa Romeo will use, like other brands of the Stellantis group, the STLA platform. More specifically, it is the STLA Grand platform that will serve as the basis for Alfa Romeo’s electric sedans and SUVs.

The Italian manufacturer’s futuristic sports car, which is due to arrive in 2027, so it will be 100% electric. When the company announced it in August, doubt remained about its type of engine.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, had recently stated that Alfa Romeo’s future plan was sealed for ten years. “Alfa is doing very well, it is now in a position to finance its future”he noted.

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