The Volvo EX30 expands the model portfolio downwards

The Volvo EX30 expands the model portfolio downwards

Volvo promises a small electric SUV, which will be presented to the public for the first time on June 7, 2023. The Swedish premium car manufacturer is therefore expanding its model portfolio downwards. The order will start in Germany and other countries must be done on the same day.

More official information is not yet known. The only matching rumors were the ones released earlier, which we’ve put together below. The new model is said to be smaller than the XC40 in size and price. Volvo wants to gradually fulfill its promise to completely switch to electric cars by 2026.

Volvo hopes to achieve price parity for electric and ICE vehicles by 2025. Due to this fact, it should also be possible to put a small E-SUV on the market at an attractive price. With its low price, small size and bold exterior design that appeals to young buyers in particular, the EX30 looks set to play an important role for Volvo.

The EX30 will be built on Geely’s SEA architecture, which is currently used by the Zeekr 001 and will also be based on the upcoming Polestar 4. The manufacturer announces “Advanced safety equipment, good driving experience and high quality‘ is expected to be cheaper than the current electric XC40, which is available from a good 45,000 euros.

As also announced, the EX30 will be available with different battery sizes so that customers can choose the variant that best suits their lifestyle and budget. The same applies to the type of purchase: purchase, financing, leasing or subscription are all possible.

Source: Volvo – press release of 05/09/2023