There will be no Auto Show in 2024

There will be no Auto Show in 2024

There will be no Brussels Motor Show in 2024. The Board of Directors of Febiac has decided this, the federation reports on Friday. Among other things, abandoning D’Ieteren heavy weight would have played a big role.

Since the conditions are not there, the board of directors has decided not to continue with the process until 2024.

A Febiac spokesperson points out that ‘95% of the market representation that the exhibition had this year will no longer be available’ and that it was decided not to hold a physical exhibition next year.

Heavyweight D’Ieteren, the importer of brands for the German group Volkswagen, would no longer want to participate in the show in 2024 and a number of other brands would also start to hesitate. Brands that no longer participated in the salon with their big stand this year, such as Mercedes, Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover, would not participate in the next edition either.

There are still car brands that still believe in the Brussels salon, such as France’s Renault. “We were among the believers and planned to invest heavily in the Brussels exhibition and launch the world premiere,” says Renault spokesman Karl Schuybroek. “We think Brussels could replace Geneva.”

A Febiac spokesperson insists that the decision not to allow the fair to take place will not have an impact on other activities of the federation. The operation is no longer dependent on income from the salon, it seems. Febiac has four core functions: data, knowledge, communication and influence.

This year’s Motor Show attracted 271,057 visitors to the Brussels Show. A ‘big version’ was to follow next year, this year it was reserved for ‘commercial vehicles’. According to plans, the Motor Show would be held from 12 to 24 January.