this will cost Roll-Royce in 2022

this will cost Roll-Royce in 2022

Rolls-Royce is one of the top brands in the automotive industry. The British luxury car brand sets the bar very high in terms of luxury, quietness and comfort. And in terms of price, because Roll-Royce is nothing but a business. What will you pay for a Rolls-Royce in 2022? Now we have the answer to that question.

400,000 euros is very little

Just to make sure. Unfortunately, those who only have 400,000 euros to spend will not be able to buy a new Rolls-Royce in 2022. The minimum is 410,600 euros for the Rolls-Royce Ghost. This amount of course does not yet include options.

Rolls Royce Spirit

A Rolls-Royce Ghost costs you a total of 260,000 euros, but in the Netherlands VAT and BPM are added on top of that. BPM in particular is very high at around 97,000 euros. But it could be worse: for the Dawn Black Badge even pay 107,000 euros for BPM. Mark Rutte will call you personally after ordering a Rolls-Royce. We’ll be back at Dawn in a minute.

Spirit was added

First the return of the Spirit. Also available with an extended wheel: Ghost Extended. It costs 448,558 euros in the Netherlands. Extra power Rolls Royce Black Badge with 600 hp it will cost you 462,473 euros, including taxes.

The Wraith

Does the Spirit have two doors too many? Then look for the Wraith, the sporty and luxurious coupe from Rolls-Royce. You can drive the car from 434,283 euros. Want the Black Badge version of the Wraith? Then you must invest at least 490,391 euros.

The dawn

The brand also offers a convertible: The Dawn. The starting price of this beautiful convertible starts at 476,564 euros. The British charge 532,672 euros for the Dawn Black Badge.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

Two Rolls-Royce models remain: Cullinan and Phantom. We’re saving the Phantom for last, given the starting price. Cullinan – Rolls-Royce’s SUV – is one of the most popular models of the British brand. And that’s quite special given its starting price. The price in the Netherlands will start in 2022 at a measly 456,959 euros. The Cullinan Black badge starts at 509,862 euros. With other options, that price easily rises to 600,000 euros.

Rolls-Royce Phantom, also as Extended

With the Phantom, that 600,000 euro limit comes into the picture very quickly. The starting price of this model starts at 562,769 euros. Anyone who chooses the Extended Phantom – the version with extended wheelbase – must pay 655,759 euros in the Netherlands. With check marks on the list of options, you could be 700,000 euros lighter. A lot of money, but you are buying one of the best cars in the world. A lot of money for a common man, maybe a monthly income for a high earner. The truth is that the new Rolls-Royce will only be available to a lucky few.

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