Today on TV: In this exciting episode, Harrison Ford and the guardian from “Scrubs” meet

Today on TV: In this exciting episode, Harrison Ford and the guardian from “Scrubs” meet


The “Indiana Jones” star must fight for his innocence in this thriller. Today there’s a thriller on free TV in which an Oscar winner hunts down a criminal.

On the Run (1993) (Source:

Harrison Ford is best known for his role as the archeologist “Indiana Jones,” who has been sent on mysterious adventures for decades. In 1993 he showed in this thriller that he can also add a little suspense. In addition to Ford, the success of the film, which was nominated for several Oscars, was due to supporting actor Tommy Lee Jones.

On April 8, 2024, the exciting concert “On the Run” will be broadcast on free TV on kabel eins. At 8:15 sharp at night, Harrison Ford is on the run and must prove his innocence to avoid jail.

On the run

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As a respected surgeon Dr. When Kimble returns home one evening, he witnesses a heinous crime: a one-armed man wounds his wife so badly that she dies in his arms. Kimble himself is held responsible for the crime and sentenced to death. However, the doctor manages to escape while being transported to prison. He does everything he can to find the real killer. But the ambitious Marshall Samuel Gerard is hot on his heels…

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On the run

Harrison Ford on the run

Doctor Dr. Kimble is charged with murder because his wife was found murdered. The fact that he can describe the criminal and that he himself suffered injuries in the fight with him does not seem to matter to anyone in court. The jury is convinced of his guilt and sentences him to death. While being transported to prison, Kimble manages to escape and is now doing everything he can to prove his innocence.

Harrison Ford (“Indiana Jones” series) takes the role of Dr. Kimble in this exciting game. Alongside him, Tommy Lee Jones plays the role of detective Marshal Samuel Gerard, for which he won an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

In the sitcom “Scrubs – The Beginners” the main character JD watches “On the Run” and discovers a janitor in the filming location, who then confirms his involvement. Guardian actor Neil Flynn can be seen in a short scene.

The thriller will win Oscars

Tommy Lee Jones (“Men in Black”) received an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best supporting actor for his portrayal of Samuel Gerard. At the Oscars, “The Hunt” was nominated in six additional categories, which is very high for an action thriller.

You “run” in the stream

Even after the TV commercials, “On Run” will be available to stream. You can access movies anytime with a WOW subscription. You can also get movies on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Google Play for a fee.

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