Toyota.  Hydrogen container truck

Toyota. Hydrogen container truck

The Toyota UNO is the first UTR tractor (utility tractor) with a hydrogen cell electric drive. Toyota UNO’s hydrogen storage ensures high charging and short refueling times.

Toyota developed the UNO model in collaboration with the equipment company Fenix​​​​​​​​Marine Services. The car received a car based on a powerful electric motor and fuel cells from the Toyota Mirai, which produces electricity in the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. The system produces no exhaust gases or CO2, and the only product of its operation is water. Refueling with hydrogen tanks takes up to 20 minutes, which is why the Toyota UNO is capable of working around the clock.

UTR port tractors do some of the heaviest work in ports, moving containers from one place to another. They prepare them for loading onto ships, trains or trucks and for further transport. It is an energy-intensive job that requires constant starting and stopping, often with loads weighing 5.5 tons or more.

The model previously went to a fleet of trucks operating at the Fenix ​​Marine Services facility, which handles more than one million containers a year. After the first phase of testing was completed, it was transferred to the Toyota Parts Distribution Center in Los Angeles.

Toyota has been working with the Ports of California to introduce hydrogen vehicles since 2017, when a prototype Toyota Project Portal truck began operating at Toyota’s logistics facility at the Port of Long Beach. A year later, the company created a second-generation model that joined the fleet of trucks at the same port. In 2019, Toyota built 10 T680 FCEV trucks with Kenworth Truck Company. The cars were based on Kenworth T680s with a diesel engine that could travel about 200 miles on a single tank. The hydrogen version with a full load of 37 tons has a range of more than 300 miles (480 km) and its filling takes up to 20 minutes.

The vehicles were supplied to Toyota Logistics Services, Total Transport Services and Southern Counties Express, covering up to 500 miles per day. Each car avoided 74.66 tons of CO2 emissions per year compared to their diesel counterparts. After the end of the program, hydrogen trucks are still being used by Toyota in the Los Angeles area.

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