Two people have been injured in a head-on collision

Two people have been injured in a head-on collision

Two people were injured in a serious traffic accident on Landesstraße 286 on Saturday evening. A large rescue force was sent.

Around 6:30 p.m., two vehicles collided head-on on the L286 between Eichstegen and Altshausen. A Volvo SUV and a VW Caddy collided shortly before the Altshausen town sign. The Volvo was thrown off the road and under the exit due to the impact.

The driver of the Volvo, who was traveling alone in his car, was caught in the collision and had to be freed by the fire brigade. The roof and car door were removed with a hydraulic device. The injured man was then placed on a stretcher for gentle rescue.

The Volvo was completely destroyed in the accident. (Photo: David Pichler)

Malteser ambulance then took the injured to the hospital. They were supported by helpers from the German Red Cross in providing first aid to the injured. Fortunately, the VW driver suffered only minor injuries.

The traffic police recorded the accident with several officers. Due to the black ice and heavy snow, there were already several explosions over the weekend, which pushed the police, rescue service and fire brigade to the limit. Especially on Saturday evening and night, the roads were dangerous when the temperature was below zero.

The fire brigade, police and rescuers were at work.
The fire brigade, police and rescuers were at work. (Photo: David Pichler)

Towing companies found two cars that were no longer drivable. L286 was completely closed for several hours, the fire brigade took preventive measures.

The fire brigade warns: Drive at a reasonable speed

Thomas Trunz, deputy commander of the Altshausen fire brigade, warns that road users should be careful when the road is slippery. The fire brigade also has to face challenges when the weather is bad: “It takes a lot of time to start driving in these weather conditions,” Trunz says. Shortly after the fire station, emergency services discovered how slippery the roads are.