U23 Team Championship: Tough for Germany in Pardubice European Championship / Speedway Team

U23 Team Championship: Tough for Germany in Pardubice European Championship / Speedway Team

Next weekend the German U23 team will compete in the qualifying round of the European Championships. Since only the winner advances to the final, the German selection faces a difficult task. Norick Blödorn will not be there.

“We made a decision based on the principles and Jonny Wynant, Ben Iken, Lukas Wegner, Patrick Hyjek and Erik Bachhuber were selected from the drivers available to us,” says team boss Sascha Dörner, introducing the selected squad.

He also gives the reason why Norick Blödorn will not be part of the team: “Due to scheduling conflicts, one or two possible drivers cannot compete, so we enter the race with the mentioned group. The age structure is definitely young, but we at the support staff agree that international competitions like this are the perfect way to showcase our top young talent.

Last year the German team took the last place in the qualification in Stralsund. Against the Czechs, who are strong at home, and the English with good balance, this time the victory in the qualifying race in Pardubice will be a difficult task for the Germans, who will be led by Erik Bachhuber as captain.

Bachhuber: “I definitely have a certain amount of experience from my appearances in international leagues in Poland and Sweden. I have been to Pardubice three or four times, so I know the track there. So I also see my job as being able to help the members of young team, for example Patrick Hyjek, on the site. I accept this work and I feel fulfilled.”

Since only the winning team will advance to the finals, which will be held in Krakow, Poland, in August, only the winner will advance to the next round. The Czechs and their GP driver Jan Kvech are likely favorites here on their own track. “We have a young team,” says Jonny Wynant, “but we are still in a good position and my personal expectation is that we have a chance to climb the podium. In my opinion, the Czech Republic and England are in a very good position and will be difficult to beat.”

Team-EM U23 Qualifying Qualifier, Pardubitz/CZ:

Deutschland: Jonny Wynant, Ben Iken, Lukas Wegner, Patrick Hyjek, Erik Bachhuber
France: Steven Goret, Mathias Tresarrieu, Steven Labouyrie, Tino Bouin, Théo Ugoni
United Kingdom: Tom Brennan, Jordan Jenkins, Anders Rowe, Leon Flint, Ashton Boughen
Czech Republic: Daniel Klima, Matous Kamenik, Jan Macek, Adam Bednar, Jan Kvech